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Socratic Society

The Socratic Society, an organization of students of The University of West Florida, is dedicated to the discussion of philosophical, social, and moral ideals. The Socratic Society is particularly interested in promoting discussion of the philosophical ideals in their relation to the vital issues of contemporary society.

President - Phillip Della Sala
Vice President - Taylor Boes

Check "Upcoming Events" on our homepage for meeting dates and times.

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Phi Sigma Tau

Phi Sigma Tau

The international philosophical honor society, known as Phi Sigma Tau not only promotes philosophical thought but alsoPhi Sigma Tau symbol gives rise to leadership and academic excellence. Initiated as the Florida Lambda Chapter,the University of West Florida's Phi Sigma Tau helps members learn skills needed to properly run as an organization in addition to getting them more into the world of philosophy in academe. Promoting speakers, attending philosophical conferences, and taking part in lively discussions are only a few of the many activities that the Florida Lambda Chapter of Phi Sigma Tau endorses. As an honor society, Phi Sigma Tau speaks loudly on a resume and is a momentous achievement for its standards of acceptance.

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