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UWF Philosophy
UWF Philosophy

While studying philosophy at the University of West Florida you will have the opportunity to work closely with faculty who are profoundly dedicated to teaching excellence. We believe that philosophy is a cornerstone of a liberal arts education and is essential for understanding not only ourselves and one's own culture, but also for appreciating the cultural richness characteristic of the global polity. Hence, we believe that our program provides a unique path to reflective self awareness and nuanced world-view.

Our faculty represent a diverse array of expertise including, but not limited to, African philosophy, the philosophy of science, medieval theology, history of modern philosophy, and ancient Greek philosophy. Hence, our majors graduate with a background of great disciplinary breadth. Through the Capstone Research Project senior philosophy majors have the opportunity to work closely with a professor, focusing their efforts on a particular problem in the field. The result of this study is a culminating paper which demonstrates an integrative approach to issues in the discipline as well as the ability to conduct sustained and independent research.
Our faculty are active both on campus and in their respective disciplines, whether that is giving talks to local community groups, giving presentations on environmental ethics on Earth Day here at UWF, or giving papers at professional conferences such as the Florida Philosophical Society or the American Philosophical Association.

Students in Dr. Hood's Metaphysics classWe are especially proud of our students who help to promote a vigorous intellectual life on the UWF campus and who participate in the philosophical community at large. Our students have given scholarly papers at nationally recognized undergraduate conferences, and they have been awarded competitive grants to attend academic conferences abroad. Graduates of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies have proven to be competitive applicants for well-respected MA and Ph.D. programs as well as law school. For example, recent graduates have been admitted to Florida State University's graduate program in History and Philosophy of Science, the University of Tennessee's and the University of North Florida's Masters programs in Applied Ethics, the University of Amsterdam's Masters program in Logic, and Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington DC. However, the skills that one acquires and hones in philosophy courses are applicable to nearly every vocational and intellectual pursuit.