Faculty Profiles

Faculty of the Department of Nursing

Ermalynn M. Kiehl

Ermalynn M. Kiehl, PhD, ARNP, CNS

Associate Dean of Health
Chair and Associate Professor
Specialty: Family & Community Health; Perinatal & Pediatrics Nursing; Transformational Leadership
Research: Stress, adaptation, & resilience in families; Clinical and international research related to childbearing and childrearing.
Contact: 850-473-7756
Email: ekiehl@uwf.edu

Angela Blackburn

Angela Blackburn, PhD, ARNP, NNP-BC

Associate Chair and Assistant Professor
MSN Program Coordinator 
Specialty: Neonatology
Research Interests: Neonatal ICU, Narrative inquiry, Illness narratives, Ethics
Contact: 850-473-7760
Email: ablackburn@uwf.edu

Crystal Bennett

Crystal Bennett, PhD, RN

Assistant Professor
BSN Program Coordinator 
Specialty: Medical/Surgical Nursing and Critical Care Nursing
Research Interests: Physical Performance in Aging & Disability
Contact: 850-473-7765
Email: cbennett@uwf.edu

Janet Niemi Chubb

Janet Niemi Chubb, DHS, MS, RN

Assistant Professor
Specialty: Health Policy, Leadership
Research Interests: Transformational Leadership, Empowerment
Contact: 850-473-7756
Email: jchubb@uwf.edu

Faith Garrett

Faith Garrett, Ed.D. APN-BC, CNE

Assistant Professor
Specialty: Adult Health, Nursing Education, Curriculum and Instruction
Research Interests: Lesbian Health, Spirituality in Nursing Practice
Contact: 850-473-7759
Email: fgarrett@uwf.edu

Lela Hobby-Burns

Lela Hobby-Burns, DNP, MSN, APHN-BC

DNP Technology Coordinator
Specialty: Public Health Nursing
Research Interests: Oral Health in Children; Obesity Prevention, Distance Learning
Contact: 850-473-7756
Email: lhobby@uwf.edu

Taylor Lewis

Taylor Lewis, MSN, RN

Specialty:Medical/Surgical and Adult Health Nursing
Contact: 850-473-7767
Email: elewis@uwf.edu

Tina Majors

Tina Majors, DNP, ARNP, ANP-BC, CDE

Assistant Professor
DNP Coordinator 
Specialty: Adult Health, Diabetes
Research Interests: Self Efficacy, Diabetes Self-Management Education, Use of Motivational Interview in Behavior Change
Contact: 850-473-7764
Email: tmajors@uwf.edu

Patricia Posey-Goodwin

Patricia Posey-Goodwin, EdD, MS, RN

Specialty: Maternal/Newborn and Parent-Child Nursing
Research Interests: Multigenerational Mentoring in Nursing
Contact: 850-473-7758
Email: ppgoodwin@uwf.edu

Brandy Strahan

Brandy Strahan, PhD(c), RN

Assistant Professor
Specialty: Pediatrics and Medical/Surgical Nursing
Research Interest: Autism and Family Coping, Adolescent Obesity
Contact: 850-473-7763
Email: bstrahan@uwf.edu

Carla J. Thompson

Carla J. Thompson, Ed. D. - Joint Appointment

Associate Professor & Director, CORAL Center
Research and Advanced Studies

Linda Tibbits

Linda Tibbits, MA, RN

RN-BSN Program Coordinator 
Specialty: Maternal/Newborn Nursing
Contact: 850-473-7762
Email: ltibbits@uwf.edu

Jill VanDerLike

Jill VanDerLike, MSN, RNC

NSSL Center Coordinator 
Specialty: Simulation
Contact: 850-473-7766
Email: jvanderlike@uwf.edu

Genia Taylor

Genia Taylor

Program Assistant and Traditional BSN Program Advisor
Contact: 850-473-7757
Email: etaylor3@uwf.edu

Dale Towery

Dale Towery

Office Administrator and Assistant to the Department Chair
Contact: 850-473-7756
Email: dtowery@uwf.edu