Fully Synchronous Online MS Program Using Collaborate

Mathematics and statistics were once thought too difficult to teach in an online environment. However, times and technology have evolved allowing the University of West Florida the ability to offer an online Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences. UWF is the only university in Florida and one of a few in the United States to offer the degree using Collaborate, an online training and collaboration tool.

Through Collaborate, students are able to complete a master's degree in mathematics from any location with Internet access,. Collaborate allows students to listen to live lectures, show examples to instructors, ask questions in real time and chat with classmates.

Unlike traditional online courses, all courses offered through the master's in mathematical sciences program are taught in tandem with face-to-face courses. Online students must log-on to the Internet at designated class times. For each class, a group of students will be sitting in a brick-and-mortar classroom, while many other students participate in the same course over the Internet. Two-way audio and video enables live interaction between the instructor and the online students. Read more on student reaction and the flexibility offered by using Collaborate. More information about Collaborate.

Online & Collaborate FAQS

What can an online course in Mathematics do for YOU ?
    • This approach will allow students to enroll in these courses from any location
      with the internet.
    • Students can complete all required courses for a Masters of Science in
      Mathematics online.
    • Students are able to listen to the lectures, show examples to the instructors,
      ask question, chat with classmates. Since all lectures are recorded, students
      can review the class online.

    The M.S. program offers students who hold the bachelors in mathematics, statistics or related fields an opportunity to broaden their knowledge in several fields of mathematics, statistics, and their applications. The program is designed for students seeking careers in science, business, industry, or government; for students who want to teach in high schools or at the community college level; or for students who plan to pursue doctoral studies.

    The M.S. program offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics permits students considerable flexibility in choosing courses. For example, students seeking careers in financial/investment industries, banks, insurance companies, or government may choose more statistics courses that emphasize the use, adoption, and development of statistical methods and state-of-the-art computer technology in the analysis of data from problems in all fields of study. 

Do you have to use your UWF email address?
  • Yes! You must use your UWF email address and check your emails often. The class links will only be sent to your UWF email address. You need the links to login to the classes.

How do you contact information technology services?
Do you need to be very computer savvy to use Collaborate?
  • As long as you can use email and know how to click on a link, Elluminate is very easy to use and maneuver.

What software does Collaborate use? Do you need to download anything to use it?
  • Collaborate uses JAVA 7 as its main software. You might have to update JAVA 7 the first time you log on, after that point you should be set for the semester. 

How do you log on to Collaborate?
  • Either a link will be sent to your student e-mail or will be posted on the e-learning site. Click on the link. A new screen will appear, if a pop up blocker appears, accept it. Collaborate should load and you will be asked to login in, enter your first and last name. 

What are the ‘essentials’ for Collaborate?
  • Computer connected to the Internet
    Working speakers
    Available scanner
    Access to your school e-mail and e-learning webpage
    Optional: microphone

Are you required to attend the lectures at the specified time?
  • The Collaborate classroom operates in the same way a regular class does. You attend class at the specified time. If you are unable to attend most of the classes at the specified time, this course is not suitable for you. Additionally, if you know you need to leave class early, inform the instructor at the beginning of class.

How do you view the screen the instructor is writing on and the instant message question section simultaneously?
  • If the screen the instructor is writing on is too large, or takes up your entire computer screen, move your mouse to the very top of the screen that the instructor is writing on. Hold it there for a moment until a drop down menu appears from the top of the screen. Then, click on the magnifying glass until you can see the screen and the instant message forum.

How do you ask questions on Collaborate?
  • There are two ways that you can ask questions. First, you can use the instant message chat on the left hand side of the screen. Secondly, if the instructor permits and if you have a microphone, you can verbally ask a question. Do this by plugging in your microphone and activating it by pressing the microphone symbol icon. 

Is it possible to sign into the Collaborate session after class has already started?
  • You should try to sign in to Collaborate five to ten minutes before your scheduled class time. However, if you do sign in late you will just pick up in the lecture where the class is at the current time.

What if you get logged out during the session?
  • If you get logged out during the session because of a bad internet connection etc. just start over and log back in. 

Can you re-watch the Collaborate session and/or will the notes be available?
  • This depends on the instructor’s preference, but all the Collaborate sessions can be posted on e-learning to be watched again. Depending on the instructor, the notes from class may be posted on e-learning as well. 

What does a “proctored exam” mean?
  • The exam will be taken at an approved educational center that you choose, and you will be proctored (overlooked) as you take the exam. There may be a fee included, depending on the center doing the proctoring. You must submit to the appropriate drop box on e-learning the proctor information. UWF has a special form for proctor information with guidelines.

How do you submit exams?
  • The instructor will send the test to the proctor. The proctor will then scan the completed exam and either submit it via e-mail or through the drop box in e-learning.

How can you take tests or attend class live if you live in a different time zone?
  • Instructors are flexible in such situations and will be able to find a way for you to attend the course. Exams can be taken at times that are manageable for you at your local time.

How do you submit assignments?
  • After you complete your assignment, scan it as a single PDF file and upload it to the drop box on e-learning. The maximum file size is 2MB. You can adjust the settings on the scanner to make the file size smaller. More information on scanning documents is posted on e-learning.

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