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With faculty members from nine different countries, the University of West Florida Department of Mathematics and Statistics is one of the most culturally diverse departments on campus.

“UWF international faculty members have studied at several places around the world and they have enriched their educational lives with such experiences,” said Raid Amin, a UWF statistics professor.“We definitely bring the world to UWF students. The educational systems often differ from country to country and this is one of the reasons why international faculty members are often able to offer additional methods for innovative teaching.”

In addition to culturally diverse faculty, the Department of Mathematics and Statistics is also unique in that three of its instructors are female. The presence of female math instructors make the fields of mathematics and engineering science less intimidating for female students.“Students see high-quality female instructors and this encourages them to continue studying in fields that in the past have erroneously been more set aside for males,” said Amin.

Mathematical Sciences Career Information

Those interested in working in industry and government can find related information at the Mathematical career information site. It includes Archives of over 90 career profiles of mathematicians working in nonacademic positions.

AWM Career Resources has resources for and about women mathematicians and girls interested in math, provided by the Association for Women in Mathematics.

Or feel free to stop by and discuss potential careers with any of our mathematical and statistical faculty members.

See our Academic Learning Compact (PDF).