Funding Opportunities

Students submitting project and travel awards should review these important details, review resources provided, and submit an application for review. Travel applications can be submitted at any time two months prior to the date of travel. Applicants must provide proof of presentation acceptance at he time the application is submitted.

Step One

Review Important Information:

The OUR provides support for undergraduate scholarly activities across all disciplines at the University. The OUR offers two types of awards, student Project Awards and student Travel Awards. These awards are intended to foster research partnerships between faculty and UWF’s most promising undergraduate students.

The student Project Award can be used for any activities related to research and scholarly work including supplies, books, duplication services, small equipment, etc. For Project Awards, the maximum funding amount is $650 for individuals or $1000 for a group (2+). Project Awards will also include an additional $100 stipend for the faculty mentor. When applying as a group, only one application is needed but the mentor must comment each student’s ability to complete the work (add additional student fields as necessary). Please note that extended project research with the same student is not eligible for funding in consecutive award cycles. Members of the OUR review committee and the OUR director are allowed to submit proposals for consideration. Any person who is associated with a grant proposal will recuse him/herself from considering the application for review.

Travel Awards are intended for student travel to present creative and scholarly works developed at UWF ($650 maximum award for individual). For groups of 2+ students presenting at the same conference, please contact the OUR to submit your travel request. Group travel requests will be more competitive if they include support from departmental and other external sources. PRIOR to application submission, students should contact their academic department, college dean's office and SGA to request any additional sources of funding. A detailed budget should be included enumerating any other financial support (if any) along with travel quotes (ex. Expedia, Travelocity for air fare and hotel rates). If necessary, use the following per diem rates: Breakfast $6, lunch $11, and dinner $19 and the Mileage Rate is 44.5 cents per mile. Include verification of presentation acceptance for each student.

All awards must be directly tied to a credit-generating activity (i.e. a research course, a directed study, a “capstone” project such as an Honors thesis, a special project in a course central to the major, etc.). For Project Awards, student must be enrolled in a credit-generating course specifically related to the project during the semester in which the funds will be used. For Travel Awards, students must present work completed as a result of a credit generating activity, although not necessarily in the semester in which travel will take place. On all applications, the course title and number of the credit generating activity must be clearly stated.

For all awards, the term “research” is to be interpreted as any scholarly or creative activity sanctioned by UWF including, but not restricted to, traditional scientific experimentation, intensive textual analysis, observations of social behavior, or the presentation/creation of artistic works. Although many undergraduate projects may stem from and/or be designed around some aspect of the faculty mentor’s research, they may also develop from the student’s original ideas and interests which are encouraged and guided by a faculty mentor. All submitted projects call for significant scholarly or creative input from the student.

All recipients of student Project and Travel Awards must present a poster, paper or performance during the Student Scholars Symposium in the spring. Funded projects will be eligible for free poster printing (contact the OUR office prior to printing for more information).

A detailed, itemized budget must be included. If your project budget exceeds the OUR limit, please provide information on additional sources of funding. If your project does not require the maximum amount, please only request the actual amount needed to complete the project. It may be possible to fund additional awards with the remaining funds.


Applicants are encouraged from all disciplines at UWF and must be currently enrolled undergraduate students.

Step Two

Review Resources provided:

Example of a previously funded project proposal with budget detail

Scoring rubric for Project Award

Scoring rubric for Travel Awards

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Et vero tollit eum, duo quidam discere ei, ut eam porro aeterno insolens. His ea quis inermis detraxit, propriae nominavi disputationi ut nam, ut mel vocent detraxit. Dolor vivendum lucilius cu quo. Ad mel possit suscipit.

Step Three

To apply, use the online submission system:

Step 1: Student creates the online application. Both the faculty mentor and student will receive a confirmation email with an assigned project number.

Step 2: Using the assigned project number and student's UWF ID number, faculty mentors enter the requested information and submit the final form.

Step 3: A faculty committee reviews all applications and finally the funding status is provided to both the applicant and faculty mentor.

For groups of two or more students traveling to the same conference, identify one student to serve as the contact and enter his/her information only. Add additional student names below and attach all acceptance letters if more than one project is being presented. It is strongly encouraged you contact the Student Government Association and your college dean's office to request additional funding and indicate these additional sources of funding in your budget description.

If you are approved for funding, the faculty and student receving funds are required to complete a short survey at the end of the semester for which they received funding.

Student survey:

Faculty Survey: