Leadership Development

Leadership is a pillar of the Kugelman Honors Program. We have many opportunities for student leadership through our Honors Council, Honors Mentor Program, and Honors Resident Assistant positions.

Honors Council Retreat Fall 2012
Honors Council Annual Retreat at Adventures Unlimited

Honors Council

Honors Council is comprised of Honors students who share a passion for the success of the Kugelman Honors Program. Meetings are every Tuesday at 5:30PM in the Alumni Room in building 12. The Honors Council makes important decisions about the future of Honors. They may provide feedback on program requirements, suggest future Honors seminars, and decide on themes and details of upcoming Honors events. Membership is defined by involvement in the Honors Council committees.

The Honors Council is divided into three committees:




The Honors Council is headed by an Executive Board, made up of officers who head the various committees and are responsible for the work that goes on behind the scenes of Honors Council.

Honors Mentor

Every incoming student is paired with an Honors Mentor at Honors Orientation. Honors Mentors work with students during their first year of the program.

Honors Resident Assistant

Honors RA's provide additional support to Pace Hall residents in the program with various housing programs and support of Honors Council events.