Honors By Contract

Honors by Contract is a way for students who have completed General Studies requirements, to receive Honors credit within their major. Also, it is a way for students to get Honors credit without having to take additional credits outside of their major. Students are responsible for talking with their instructor to decide how they will receive Honors credit.

Past Honors by Contracts include: research paper, projects, presentation, experiment, and much more.  

Requirements for Honors by Contracts:

  • It must be a 3000/4000 level course
  • You must have permission by your instructor to complete the course as Honors by Contract
  • You must complete an Honors by Contract Proposal, submit the course syllabus, and a 250 word summary signed by your instructor uploaded to this online form submitted by the third week of the beginning of the semester.
  • To receive Honors credit, you must submit your completed work along with the HBC Evaluation the week before finals to this online form

Community Service Hours Option:

You may also get Honors elective credit by completing a Service Hour Honors by Contract. To receive Honors credit, you must complete 60 hours of community service within a semester. You may only use the Service Hour Honors by Contract once


By the Monday PRIOR to Final Exam Week, the student must:

Submit community service hours to JasonQuest AND input the following information when submitting hours in Jasonquest:

  • This Community Service Experience was: Connected to an Academic Course (Service Learning/Field Study/Internship/Etc.)
  • Student Organization: Honors Program
  • Field Study / Service Learning / Internship Course: Honors
  • Professor's Name: Dr. Greg Lanier

By the last day of classes in the term, the student must fill out this online form, which includes a Service Reflection section (250 word minimum) and attach your hours submitted in Jasonquest.