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Please refer to this page for current Honors requirement information while you are in the Kugelman Honors Program.

Current Course Offerings

Fall 2014: Core I (80921) Syllabus, General Psychology (81462), Basic Communication Skills (82017), World Religion (81492), General Chemistry I Lab(80307), UPI Studio-University Physics and Lab sub (82282), History Western Music I (81197), Honors Seminar-Politics of Food (81842), Honors Seminar-Wastelands to Wetlands (81841), and Honors Seminar-Conjunctive Psychology (81843)

Honors by Contracts

Honors by Contract Proposals, signed summary, and course syllabus are due Friday, September 12, 2014. Honors by Contract completed Honors work and professor evaluation are due Friday, December 5, 2014.

Honors Thesis Proposals

If you are starting thesis work fall 2014, your proposal is due July 27, 2014!

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