Women's and Gender Studies

Choosing Your Path
In the Women’s and Gender Studies interdisciplinary specialization, students analyze the significance of gender in all areas of life, especially in the social formation of human identities, practices, and institutions. Women’s and Gender Studies provides students with an intellectual framework in which the analysis of gender can be creatively and critically applied to their personal, familial, professional, and civic roles.

Women’s Studies, in particular, provides students with knowledge of women’s roles and influence in culture, as well as the impact of social institutions, systems, and philosophies or attitudes toward women. This specialization also requires the completion of an approved minor and participation in the university’s Annual Women’s and Gender Studies Conference.

The combination of the interdisciplinary specialization and a related minor prepares students for pursuing a wide array of careers in teaching, counseling, community relations, law, recreation, social work, and business, with an enhanced understanding of how gender and sexual politics operate in those professional and social environments. Please check out our course listing for available courses and semesters offered.

Capstone Experience
During the senior year, the capstone experience includes organizing, participating in, and evaluating the annual Women’s and Gender Studies student conference. If a student’s schedule does not coincide with the spring conference, then the student will develop a research topic based on the student’s goals and the instructor’s guidance. The research project will be presented to an interdisciplinary committee.

Representative Courses
Issues in Gender & Diversity
Psychology and Gender
Introduction to Women’s Studies
Women in American History
Black Women Writers
Sex Roles in Anthropological Perspective
Women in Art
Women in the Muslim World
Gender and Communication
Theories of Sexuality and Gender
Feminist Literary Theory: Applications
Sex Discrimination Law
Sociology of Sex Roles
Introduction to Africana Studies
The Family

Career Opportunities
Family Social Workers
Human Resources
Government Agencies
Public Interest Advocate
Non-Profit Organizations
Health Educator

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