Diversity Studies

Choosing Your Path
With Diversity Studies students acquire a fundamental understanding of the theories of diversity, in-depth knowledge of the history and social issues of diverse groups, and the knowledge and tools to analyze diverse cultures. Diversity Studies also provides students with an intellectual framework in which the analysis of diversity can be creatively and critically applied to their personal, familial, professional, and civic roles.

This specialization, which also requires the completion of a related approved minor, combines academics and social services, preparing individuals to work in non-profit organizations, businesses, community agencies, human resources, Institutional planning, public administration, educational development, or communication. It also prepares students to become effective leaders in promoting institutions, relationships, politics, and services that value diversity and work toward eliminating racial, ethnic, national, and other stereotypes.
Along with the B.A. degree in Diversity Studies, each student will complete a minor or its equivalent in a field related to the student’s career objectives. Please check out our course listing for available courses and semesters offered.
Capstone Experience
During the senior year each student will enroll in capstone research project. A research topic based on the student’s goals and the instructor’s guidance will be assigned and will culminate with a senior research paper presented to an interdisciplinary committee.

Representative Courses
Peoples and Cultures of the World
Issues in Gender and Diversity
Introduction to Women’s Studies
Afro-American Experience
Civil Rights
African American Literature
Conflict Resolution in Cross-Cultural Perspective
North American Indians
African Cultures
Japanese Culture
Cultures of Latin America
Cultures of Mexico
Gender, Ethnicity and Crime
Diversity in the Workplace
Inequality in America

Career Opportunities
Human Resources
Community Organizer
Public Administration
Community Agencies
Government Agencies

For complete information about this degree program, we invite you to contact:

Sherry Schneider
Assistant Professor and Advisor
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Department of Psychology
University of West Florida
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Pensacola, FL 32514
(850) 474-2357


Diana Robinson
Bld 41 Room 252 
Department of Psychology
University of West Florida
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Pensacola, FL 32514
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