Arts Administration

Choosing Your Path
Students in the Arts Administration specialization will focus on the promotion and management of arts groups and events, whether in fine art, music, or theatre. Graduates of the program may find employment with non-profit art groups, grants agencies, museums, and the like. The degree program also offers a solid foundation for additional graduate study in Arts Administration.

Based on experience and interest, students will select an advisor from Art, Music, or Theatre at the end of the sophomore year. Together with this area advisor, students will select 15 hours beyond the core requirements in Art, Music, or Theatre.

Capstone Experience
At some point during their final 2 semesters of study, students will register for and perform an administrative internship at a non-profit arts organization as their Capstone Course. In addition to their work within that organization, the student must also submit a paper outlining their accomplishments, successes and failures during the internship. The senior capstone project is designed to give the student an opportunity to showcase academic accomplishments within a unifying professional experience.

Representative Courses
Western Survey II Film Music
Music in Western Civilization
The Theatre Experience
Arts Administration
Modern Art 1880-1950
History of Western Music I and II
Stage Management
History of Theatre I and II
Costume History
Accounting for Non-Majors
Introduction to Advertising
Marketing Fundamentals
Management Fundamental

Career Opportunities
Arts Administrator
Museum Curator
Exhibit Designer
Arts Education Manager
Dance Company Manager
Grant writer/ Fundraiser

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