Faculty Profiles

Department of Government

J Evans Portrait

Dr. Jocelyn Evans

Associate Professor, Chair, and Graduate Student Advisor

Education: Ph.D. Political Science,  University of Oklahoma
Research Interests: Women and Politics, Political Parties, Legislative
Phone Number: (850) 474-2660
Email Address: jevans@uwf.edu
Office Location: Bldg 50, Rm 121

Alfred Cuzan Faculty Photo-Fall 2011

Dr. Alfred G. Cuzán

Distinguished University Professor

Education: Ph.D. Political Science,  Indiana University
Research Interests: Principles of Political Science, American Presidential Elections, Comparative Politics
Phone Number: (850) 474-2345
Email Address: acuzan@uwf.edu
Office Location: Bldg 50, Rm 123

emery portrait

Dr. Jennifer Emery

Assistant Professor

Education: Ph.D. Political Science, Binghamton University (SUNY)
Research Interests: American Politics, American Electoral System
Phone Number: (850) 474-2331
Email Address: jemery@uwf.edu
Office Location: Bldg 50, Rm 125

David Ramsey Faculty Photo-Fall 2011

Dr.David Ramsey

Assistant Professor and Pre Law Advisor

Education: Ph.D. Political Science, Baylor University
Research Interests: Constitutional Law, American Political Development, Politics and Literature
Phone Number: (850) 857-6116
Email Address: dramsey1@uwf.edu
Office Location: Bldg 50, Rm 127

Jacob Shively

‌Assistant Professor Dr. Shively

Education: Ph.D. Political Science,  University of Indiana
Research Interests: International Affairs
Phone Number: (850) 474-3008
Email Address: jshively@uwf.edu
Office Location: Bldg 50, Rm 126




William Tankersley Faculty Photot-Fall 2001

Dr. Bill Tankersley

Associate Professor and Coordinator, Public Administration Department of Applied Science, Technology and Administration (COPS) and Associate Professor, Department of Government (CAS)

Education: Ph.D. Public Administration, Florida State University
Research Interests: Political Economy, Public Administration
Phone Number: (850) 474-2338
Email Address: wtankers@uwf.edu
Office Location: Bldg 80, Rm 102

Michelle Williams Faculty Photo-Fall 2011

Dr. Michelle Williams

Associate Professor and International Studies Advisor

Education: Ph.D. Political Science, University of Colorado
Research Interests: Right-Wing Radicalism, Political Parties, Europe
Phone Number: (850) 474-2347
Email Address: mwilliams@uwf.edu
Office Location: Bldg 50, Rm 124

Sheila Freeman Staff Photo-Fall 2011

Sheila Freeman

Office Administrator

Education: B.A. International Studies,  University of West Florida
Phone Number: (850) 474-2337
Email Address: sfreeman@uwf.edu
Office Location: Bldg 50, Rm 120

Frederick Levin Faculty Associate Photo-2007

Captain Frederick Levin USN Ret

Faculty Associate in Intelligence

Education: M.A., Boston University, International Relations; B.S. Towson University; Naval War College (with Distinction) 
Specialities: National Security Policy, Geopolitics, Espionage, Counterintelligence, Counter Terrorism
Phone Number: (850) 994-9469
Email Address: flevin4@att.com
Office Location: Bldg 50, Rm 129

Melissa Stewart Faculty Associate Photo-2009

Dr. Melissa Stewart

Faculty Associate in Political Science

Education: Ph.D. Political Science,  Florida State University 
Research Interests: Legislative, Women and Politics, Political Parties
Email Address: mstewart@uwf.edu
Office Location: Online Instructor

Col. Leo Weeks

Faculty Associate in Security and Diplomacy and International Relations

Education: M.A., Kansas State University, Political Science, International Relations 
Specialities: European Union, Arms Control
Phone: (850) 474-2725 Email Address: leoweeks@aol.com
Office Location: Bldg. 50, Rm. 129

Jessica Hayden

American Politics

Education: M.A. Political Science, University of West Florida and J.D. Frederic G. Levin College of Law, University of Florida
Specialities: American Politics
Phone Number: (850) 474-2012
Email Address: jhayden@uwf.edu 
Office Location: Bldg 50, Rm 132

Dr. Melody Huckaby Rowlett

Political Science

Education: Ph.D. University of Oklahoma, Carl Albert Center; J.D. University of Oklahoma College of Law
Specialities: American Government, Comparative Governments, International Relations, International Law, American Foreign Policy
Phone Number: (850) 474-2337
Email Address: mhuckaby@uwf.edu
Office Location: Online only.

Michael Trevathan Adjunct Photo-2001

Michael Trevathan

Education: M.A., University of West Florida, Political Science
Specialities: International Relations
Phone Number: (850) 474-2337
Email Address: michaeltrevathan@yahoo.com
Office Location: Online only

Dr. Robert Anderson

Associate Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D. University of Florida
Email Address: randerso@uwf.edu

Dr. M. Lal Goel

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D. SUNY Buffalo
Research Interests: View Forum 
Email Address: lgoel@uwf.edu

Dr. Gary Howard

Associate Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D. Florida State University
Email Address: ghoward@uwf.edu

Dr. David Myers

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D. University of Maryland
Email Address: dmyers@uwf.edu

Dr. James A. Robinson

President Emeritus

Education: Ph.D. Northwestern University
Research Interests: View Forum 

Dr. James W. Witt

Professor Emeritus

Education: Ph.D. University of Southern California
Email Address: jwitt@uwf.edu