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Alumni from our Political Science and Political Science/Pre-Law programs hold a wide variety of jobs and engage in wide ranging fields such as government, business, education, the media, charitable and non-profit organizations, and the law.  Our International Studies alumni have found opportunities in international business, international organizations, non-profit organizations with a global focus, humanitarian agencies, policy and research think tanks, civil service, the tourism industry, public relations, and the media.  We are very proud of our graduates, especially the members of our Honor Roll. Listed below is just a sample of our alumni, their career choices, and their recent accomplishments.  If you are an alum of the UWF Department of Government and you would like your information displayed on the alumni page or if your information needs to be updated, please email Honor Roll includes the names of those students who have been named "Outstanding Student of the Year" starting from 1995.

NameDegree earned at UWFCurrently
Angela Achen M.A. Political Science, 2008 Currently after receiving her J.D. at University of Minnesota Law School, Angela has established the Achen Law Firm P.L in Pensacola, FL (Last updated Oct. 2011)
Jean Paul Agustin M.A. Political Science in 2010 with distinction. Awarded Outstanding Graduate Student Award. B.A. International Studies in 2009. -Currently attending the University of Minnesota Law School where he has been accepted for Fall 2011. (Last updated Feb. 2011)
Aldueza, Patterson B.A. in Political Science and B.A. in International Studies, 2010 -Currently a 2dLt in the U.S. Air Force (Last Updated Sept. 2011)

Lowell Baudouin

B.A. Political Science and Outstanding Political Science Student in 2005. -Currently a Law Clerk at Michael Cordova,P.C., Phoenix, AZ after receiving his J.D. at Arizona State University Law School. (Last updated Oct. 2011)
Travis Braidwood B.A. Political Science and International Studies in 2007. -Currently has received his PhD in Political Science at Florida State University summer 2013. (Last updated June 2013)
Jacob Brennan  M.A. Political Science with honors and Outstanding Graduate Student in 2007 -Currently teaching middle school students at
St John the Evangelist School, Pensacola, FL (Last updated July 2010)
Matthew Brogden M.A. Political Science, 2006  -Currently has been awarded a graduate fellowship and a graduate assistantship to pursue a Ph.D. in Political Science at Baylor University.
Sean Brown B.A. Political Science/Pre-Law, 2010 Sean has received his J.D. at Loyola Law School in New Orleans, July 2013. (Last updated July 2013)
LaTasha Bryant B.A. International Studies, 2011 -Currently a Graduate Research Assistant at Kennesaw State University. She is working on her Masters in Public Administration. (Last updated Oct. 2011)
Matthew Bush  B.A. Political Science, 2004 -Currently an associate attorney at McDonald, Fleming,& Moorhead in Pensacola, FL after earning his Juris Doctorate Magna Cum Laude at Thomas Cooley Law School, and passing the Florida Bar.
Jennifer Burnham M.A. Political Science, 2002. -Currently homemaker and mother of a son and a daughter.
Brian Cheek B.A. International Studies and B.A. Political Science, 2009 -Currently a 2dLt in the U.S. Air Force, and married to Diana Smith. (Last Updated Sept. 2011)
Melissa Corcoran B.A. Political Science, 1997
-Currently homemaker and mother of two daughters.
Teresa Cornacchione-Stanquist M.A. Political Science and Outstanding Graduate Student in 2005. 

-Currently teaching at Gulf Breeze High School, married to Stephen Stanquist.

Jennie Linder Cunningham M.A. Political Science/Security and Diplomacy with Honors and Outstanding Graduate Assistant in 2011 -Currently Jennie is an adjunct instructor in Political Science at Texas A&M University, Kingsville, TX. She will also be an adjunct for American Politics at UWF fall 2013.(Last Updated June 2013)
Ryan Cunningham M.A. Political Science, 2007 -Currently 2nd Lt. USMC, pilot stationed at Whiting Field, Milton, FL. (Last updated July 2008)
Felisa Downey B.A. International Studies, 2007 -Currently has recently returned from a tour of duty with the Peace Corp in Morocco. (Last updated Feb. 2011)
Sheila Freeman B.A. International Studies, 2010 -Currently working in the Dept. of Government as the Office Administrator since Feb. 2007. (Last updated Feb. 2011)
Brian Garst M.A. Political Science and Outstanding Graduate Student in 2008. -Currently is employed at the Center for Freedom and Prosperity as the Director of Government Affairs, after completing an internship with the Cato Institute and then an internship at the American Legislative Exchange Council working in education and health care. Brian has also written articles for sites, such as Real Clear Politics and Andrew Breitbart's Big Government. Brian's articles are available here.
(Last updated July 2010)
Holly Griffin B.A. Political Science/Pre-Law and a B.A. International Studies in 2008. -Currently attending Florida State University, College of Law. (Last updated Oct. 2010)
Timothy Gwillim M.A. Political Science and Outstanding Graduate Student 2003. -Currently is the
Coordinator of the Tri-county Educational Center for Lewis and Clark Community College
in Godfrey, Illinois.(Last updated July 2010)
Dr. Andrea Hatcher, Ph.D. M.A. Political Science and Outstanding Graduate Student in 2001. 

-Currently is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science at University of the South, Sewanee, TN. after earning her Ph.D. in Political Science, Vanderbilt University in 2006.
Kari Hebert M.A. Political Science and Outstanding Graduate Student 1999. -Currently homemaker and mother of a son and a daughter
Meghan Heitman M.A. Political Science, 2011 -Currently is a Legal Assistant at Aylstock, Witkin, Kreis, & Overholtz, PLLC in Pensacola, FL (Last Updated October 25, 2011)
Tamara Hawes B.A. Political Science, 2002 -Currently teaching political science at Wright State Universtiy, Dayton, OH, 
married to an Air Force officer, and mother of two children. As of the fall 2008
(Last updated Feb. 2011)
Robert Jordan B.A. Political Science and International Studies, 2010 -Currently is the Assistant Store Managere in the new Super WalMart in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. He is in training to pursue senior management. (Last Updated July 2013)
Elona M. Jouben B.A. Political Science, 2000 -Currently has accepted a position as the Paralegal/Program Assistant for the American Association of University Professors in Washington, D.C. after earning her MPS, Paralegal Studies degree from the George Washington University, August 2010. Elona's thesis, Compulsory Regulation of Florida Paralegals is Unnecessary, has been selected for publication in a forthcoming anthology on the professional paralegal.(Lasted updated Feb. 2011)
Danielle Manjikian M.A. Political Science, 2006 -Currently working for the Department of Justice, California and the mother of a new baby girl. (Last updated June 2013)
Alexander McAnneny B.A. Political Science, 2011 -Currently a student at The American University of Paris. (Last updated Oct. 2011)
W. Sean McDermott M.A. Political Science, 1996 -Currently Regional Manager, Loss Prevention Department, Cracker Barrell.
Kerry McQuiston M.A. Political Science, 2000 -Currently an Intelligence Analyst, Pacific Command Joint Intelligence Operations Center.
Daniel Mendoza M.A. Political Science/Public Administration, 2007 -Currently Dean of Students at Jubilee Christian Academy, Pensacola, FL. Dan is also working on his doctorate degree in Education at UWF.
Douglas Mock M.A. Political Science/Public Administration, 2007 -Currently teaching in an adjunct position at the University of New England in, and also teaching the American Presidency online for Central Michigan University.( Last updated July 2010.)
Eric Morin B.A. International Studies 1993 and M.A. Business Administration 1997. -Currently working in the Foreign Service, U.S. State Department. (Last updated July 2010)
Dr. Melissa Neal (Stewart), Ph.D. M.A. Political Science at UWF in 2002, PhD Political Science at Florida State University in 2008. -Currently an adjunct faculty online at Liberty University, Lynchberg, VA and an adjunct faculty online in the Department of Government at UWF.(Last updated June 2013)
Ana Esther Picota M.A. Political Science/Public Administration and Outstanding Graduate Student 2008-09. -Currently Sales Manager at TGI Software, Pensacola, FL (Last updated June 2013)
Kira Scott, Esq. B.A. Political Science/Pre-Law and Outstanding Undergraduate in Political Science in 2000. -Currently working for the Florida Senate as a Senior Attorney. She has practiced exclusively Administrative Law. Prior to her current position Kira worked with the Florida Public Service Commission as a Senior Attorney in telecommunications law after earning her J.D. from Stetson University College of Law in 2003.
Emily Robinson M.A. Political Science in 2011.  
Matthew Schwalb M.A. Political Science in 2012. -Currently is a Research Associate at the Hass Center at the UWF Emerald Coast Campus. (Last updated July 2013)
Kimberly Showler B.A. Political Science and B.A. International Studies in 2007. -Currently teaching English and American Studies at the Kingham Hill School in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England, and attending Kings College in London for her masters degree. (Last updated June 2013)
Joseph Ryan Smallen M.A. Political Science/Security and Diplomacy with honors, 2007.  -Currently working for the St. Petersburg, Fl Police Department
Diana Smith (Cheek) B.A. International Studies and Outstand International Studies Student in 2010. -Currently a 2dLt in the U.S. Air Force, and married to Brian Cheek. (Last Updated Sept. 2011)
Stephen Stanquist M.A. Political Science and Outstanding Graduate Student 2006. - Currently in a management position with Walgreens
Michael Talaska M.A. Political Science/Public Administration, 2006 -Currently a systems analyst with Raymond James Financials in Saint Petersburg, Florida
Scott Tedcastle M.A. Political Science and Outstanding Graduate Student 2004. -Currently works for the Institute for Intergovernmental Research
as a Research Associate
Terry Terrell B.A. Political Science, 1973 -Currently is The Honorable Terry D. Terrell, Chief Judge First Judicial Court of Florida. (Last Updated Sept 2011)
Alexis Trout M.A. Political Science with honors, 2007  -Currently teaching political science online for Park University.
Alexis is also enjoying her beautiful little girl.

Damian Wilson


B.A. Political Science, 1996.

-Currently the Director of the Academy of Law and Government at Palm Bay High School, Melbourne, FL after receiving his MPA from Florida State University in 1998.


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