Minors and Certificates

The engineering minors provide the opportunity for students majoring in other areas to take a limited number of engineering courses to complement their majors. These minors are available to all UWF students with the exception of those who are majoring in electrical or computer engineering.

Minor in Computer Engineering

From basic digital design concepts, to microprocessor applications and VHDL design, this minor allows students to explore computer hardware and applications. Without the traditional electrical engineering courses, the computer hardware minor does not require the heavy math and science prerequisites of other STEM fields. The minor will prepare regional and Florida students of other disciplines for global competitiveness that can only come from STEM-minded entrepreneurs and innovators.

Minor in Electrical Engineering

This minor is designed for those who would like to learn more about circuits and circuit analysis techniques. The minor requires the core circuit analysis and electronics courses that are required of the majors so that the students will develop a strong understanding of electricity and electrical circuits as well as the problem solving abilities that are vital for people in engineering and engineering related fields. The elective in the minor also allows you some flexibility. Whether it's robotics, power, electromagnets, digital design, or some other area that catches your interest, you can use this elective to go a little deeper into the electrical engineering field.

Certificate in Electrical Engineering

Not a UWF student, but still want a taste of Electrical Engineering? You've been out of school for a while and just want a refresher? Switching engineering fields and need some background in Electrical Engineering? Trying to move into a graduate program in Electrical Engineering from another field and need to make up some deficiencies? This certificate program may be the answer. The certificate requires the essential core courses that our EE majors take, but allows you to choose one of 5 fields to specialize in once those are complete.