Faculty Profiles

Computer Science Faculty

Sikha Bagui

Professor and Chair
Director, Center for Cybersecurity

Education: Ed.D., Curriculum & Instruction: Math & Stat / Science/ Computer Science, University of West Florida
Research Interests: Database, Datamining, Statistical Computing

Phone Number: (850) 474-3022
Office location: Bldg 4, Room 227
Email Address: bagui@uwf.edu

John Bolyard


Education: Ed.D. (ABD), University of West Florida

Office location: Bldg 4, Room 239
Email Address: jbolyard@uwf.edu

John Coffey


Education: Ed.D., University of West Florida
Research Interests: Expert Systems, Knowledge Representation and Management, Semantic Web

Phone Number: (850) 474-3183
Office location: Bldg 4, Room 434
Email Address: jcoffey@uwf.edu

Steven Case

Assistant Professor

Education: Ph.D. Nova Southeastern University, 2003
Research Interests: Mobile systems, wireless communication, data networks, distributed computing, embedded systems, real-time systems, operating systems, computer graphics, image processing, programming languages, software engineering, mobile robotics, computer science education, engineering education

Phone Number: (850) 857-6168
Office location: Bldg 4, Room 423
Email Address: scase@uwf.edu

Eman El-Sheikh

Associate Dean
Associate Professor

Education: Ph.D., Michigan State University
Research Interests: Artificial intelligence methods and tools, Adaptive/interactive learning environments, Intelligent tutoring systems, Agent-based architectures, Knowledge-based systems, Computer Science education, Online teaching and learning of programming, Scholarship of teaching and learning and assessment

Phone Number: (850) 474-3074
Office location: Bldg 11, Room 221
Email Address: eelsheikh@uwf.edu


Bilal Gonen

Assistant Professor

Education: Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno, 2011
Research Interests: Complex networks, Social Network Analysis, Semantic Web, Computer Networks, Bioinformatics

Phone Number: (850) 474-2973
Office location: Bldg 4, Room 238
Email Address: bgonen@uwf.edu

Jim Lewis


Education: M.A., Ball State University
Research Interests: Computer Organization, OOP, Distributed Software systems - CORBA, Java, Java/RMI

Phone Number: (850) 473-7346
Office location: Bldg 4, Room 232
Email Address:jlewis@uwf.edu


Bernd Owsnicki-Klewe


Education: Doctorate, University of Hamburg Germany
Research Interests: Object orientation, Semantic Web, Ubiquitous Computing

Phone Number: (850) 474-3065
Office location: Bldg 4, Room 435
Email Address: bowsnickiklewe@uwf.edu


Anthony Pinto


Education: M.S., University of West Florida
Research Interests: Software Engineering (Software Design, Software Patterns), Interactive teaching, Web and Database Integration, and the Semantic Web

Phone Number: (850) 474-2974
Office location: Bldg 4, Room 242
Email Address: apinto@uwf.edu


Thomas Reichherzer

Assistant Professor

Education: Ph.D., Indiana University, Bloomington, 2009
Research Interests: Case-based reasoning, Knowledge Representation, Semantic Web, Information retrieval, 

Phone Number: (850) 474-2612
Office location: Bldg 4, Room 225
Email Address: treichherzer@uwf.edu

Dallas Snider

Assistant Professor

Education: Ph.D., Integrated Computing, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, 2011
Research Interests: Data mining, machine learning, data warehousing/business intelligence

Phone Number: (850) 473-7348
Office location: Bldg 4, Room 233
Email Address:dsnider@uwf.edu


Laura White

Associate Professor 

Education: Ph.D., Capella University
Research Interests: Software Engineering, Online Learning

Phone Number: (850) 474-3017
Office location: Bldg 4, Room 226
Email Address: lwhite@uwf.edu


Norman Wilde


Education: Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Research Interests: Software Engineering

Phone Number: (850) 474-2548
Office location: Bldg 4, Room 245
Email Address: nwilde@uwf.edu