John Coffey



B.S., College of William & Mary
B.S., University of West Florida
M.S., University of West Florida
Ed.D., University of West Florida


Phone: (850) 474-3183
Office Location: Bldg 4, Room 434
Personal Website:


Research Scientist at Institute for Human and Machine Cognition. Principle programmer of NUCES (Nuclear Cardiology Expert System) and head designer of LEO (Learning Environment Organizer to Accompany Constructivist Knowledge Models).

Research Interests

I have a range of research interests. I am interested in knowledge elicitation and representation for knowledge management. This involves interviewing domain experts and creating representations of their knowledge both for itself and for the creation of ontologies. I am interested in advanced educational software technology including integrated, tailorable delivery and assessment systems combined with student models. I am interested in Semantic Web applications to all of the above. I am also interested in Web Services semantics.