Professional Certifications and Training

Microsoft Security+ Certification Scholarships

Competitive Microsoft Security+ Certification Scholarships are available for students in the following majors: BS/CS, BS/CIS, BS/SE, BS/Cybersecurity, IT, CE, and MIS. This scholarship will give the student an opportunity to register (registration will be free) in a preparatory class for Microsoft Security+ in the summer. And, the student will be ready to take the professional Microsoft Security+ certification exam by the end of the summer semester.

For more information eligibility, benefits, and how to apply, see the following document, 

The application deadline is April 20th, 2014.
Students will be notified whether or not they received this scholarship by Friday, May 2nd.

Oracle Academy

The University of West Florida is a member of the Oracle Advanced Computer Science Academy. This membership includes discounts on Oracle and Java Certification exams and discounts on Oracle and Java courses. The courses include Certification Exam Preparatory Courses.

Details can be found at Please contact Mr. Anthony Pinto at, for additional information and to obtain discount vouchers.