Java Net-Centric Programming Certificate

The Java Net-Centric Programming certificate focuses on object-oriented programming in Java and the development of Java Enterprise solutions. Students gain foundational knowledge of object-oriented design and programming concepts, design and deployment of n-tier Web applications, and learn about service-oriented and distributed architectures of software systems.

With a growing interest by the industry to develop and deploy multitier enterprise applications, this Certificate provides the needed background for professionals with programming background to advance their technical skills and be competitive in today's IT industry.

The departmental certificate application should be submitted before the drop/add period of the semester of completion. All courses must have been completed within 5 years of receipt of application with a grade of “C-“ or higher. Download the Application for Certificate Completion here.

To earn a Java Net-Centric Programming Certificate, participants must complete 14 hours:


COP 3022 Intermediate Computer Programming (Java I) / 4 credits
COP 4027 Advanced Computer Programming (Java II) / 4 credits
COP 4856 Distributed Software Architecture I (SOA) / 3 credits
COP 4857 Distributed Software Architecture II (J2EE) / 3 credits

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For more information about this and other exciting certificate opportunities, please see the Certificate Brochure.

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Sarah Kuhl
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