Database Systems Certificate

The Certificate in Database Systems is designed to provide both theory and practical knowledge in database design, development and implementation, advanced database concepts, database administration, as well as data mining.

In-depth practice in the use of Structured Query Language (SQL) will also be provided. This certificate will prepare one to be a database professional, or work in any other information systems career in which knowledge of capturing, storing, retrieving, organizing, and analyzing information is important.

The departmental certificate application should be submitted before the drop/add period of the semester of completion. All courses must have been completed within 5 years of receipt of application with a “C-“ or higher. Download the‌ Application for Certificate Completion here.

To earn a Certificate in Database Systems, participants must complete 12 hours from the following courses:

Programming Pre-requisite

Choose one of:

CGS 3464 Visual Programming
COP 2253 Java Programming
COP 2334 Programming Using C++


COP 4710 Database Systems
CAP 4770 Data Mining
COP 4723 Database Administration

View the Computer Science Department's Academic Learning Compact Computer Science.

For more information about this and other exciting certificate opportunities, please see the Certificate Brochure.

Please direct questions to:

Dr. Sikha Bagui
Building 4, Room 227
(850) 474-3022