ArgoVerge is UWF's award winning online magazine produced by students that are enrolled in the Magazine Publishing course.

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What is ArgoVerge?

ArgoVerge is UWF's award winning online student magazine. This cutting-edge magazine exposes student life through activities, social ­events, academics and achievements, as well as life off campus and around the community.

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Fall 2012 issue
Spring 2013 issue
Fall 2013 issue
Spring 2014 issue


We sit on the verge of a continually-changing journey, from Downtown Pensacola to the Canon Greens, from the busy streets to the quiet Nature Preserves, from the local events to the national competitions, from the nightlife to the student life.

We strive to represent the diversity and culture of the growing community at the University of West Florida. We seek to embody our University’s traditions, in addition to creating our own. 

For Further Information

Please email Keith Goldschmidt for more information about getting involved with Argo Verge. 

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