Research Publications

Chemistry students are encouraged to participate in undergraduate research in collaboration with faculty members. The results of this work frequently appear in peer-reviewed publications and are presented at venues such as the American Chemical Society National meeting.

Molek group presentation
Dr. Molek's research group presentation at the National American Chemical Society Meeting


Selected Recent Publications 
Nitzman, A.; Huggins, M.; Reeves, J.; Royappa, A. “Imidized and Amidized Rosin Compositions for Paper Sizes and other Applications”, Plasmine Technology, Inc, patent filed in US, June, 2010.

Publications - Books, Book Chapters or Invited Review Articles
1. Huggins, Michael T and Boiadjiev, Stefan, E “Molecular Recognition with Dipyrrinones”, Encyclopedia of Supramolecular Chemistry, 2010, posted online April 6, 2010, awaiting printing of actual book. (INVITED; PEER REVIEWED)
2. Huggins, M. T.; Lightner, D. A.; Gurst, J. E. 2D NMR-based Organic Spectroscopy Problems; Prentice-Hall: Upper Saddle River, NJ, 2011.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles - [Undergraduates in Italics]
1. Goff, Randal D.; Thorson, Jon S. "Enhancement of Cyclopamine via Conjugation with Nonmetabolic Sugars" Organic Letters, 2012, 14, 2454-2457.
2. Walton, Ian; Davis, Marauo; Yang, Liu; Zhang, Yong; Tilman, Destin; Huggins, Michael. T.; Wallace, Karl J. Mag. Res. in Chemistry, 2011, 5, 205-212.
3. Huggins, Michael T, Salzmeda, N. Lightner, D. A. “Dipyrrinones as a Receptor for Carboxylic Acids” Supramolecular Chemistry, 2011, 3-4, 226-238.
4. Pamela P. Vaughan, Avery Bullock, Fabien Joux, Wade Jeffrey “The effects of solar radiation on the stability of 3H-thymidine and 3H-leucine during bacterioplankton production measurements” Limnology and Oceanography: Methods, 2010, 8, 562-566.
5. Pamela P. Vaughan, Paul Novotny, Nicole Haubrich, Luther McDonald, Michael Cochran, Julia Serdula, Raid W. Amin, Wade H. Jeffrey, “Bacterial Growth Response to Photoactive Quinones” Photochemistry and Photobiology, 2010, 86, 1327-1333.
6. Pamela P. Vaughan, Michael Cochran, and Nicole Haubrich “Quinone Photoreactivity: An undergraduate experi- ment in photochemistry” Journal of Chemical Education, 2010, 87 (12), 1389-1391.
7. A. T. Royappa, V. Suri, S. E. Genet and D. J. Pope “Some New Closed-Form Empirical Modified Lennard-Jones Potentials” Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research, 2010, 9, 102-105.
8. Y.-C. Huang, A. T. Royappa, S. Tundel, K. Tsukamoto and V. Sharma, “Biocompatibility of Polyglycidol with HumanPeripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells,” Journal of Applied Polymer Science 111, p. 2275 (2009).
9. A. T. Royappa, V. Suri and J. R. McDonough, “Comparison of Empirical Closed-Form Functions for Fitting Diatomic Interaction Potentials of Ground State First- and Second-Row Diatomics,” Journal of Molecular Structure 787, p. 209 (2006).