Faculty Profiles

The Chemistry Department has full-time faculty members representing all of the main sub disciplines of chemistry (Analytical, Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry). Several faculty members have won University teaching awards for their outstanding teaching abilities. In addition, the Department is very active in outreach activities to promote science education in the local community and throughout the state.

Chemistry Faculty Profiles

Dr. Matthew Schwartz

Dr. Alan Schrock

Dr. Fred Hileman

Dr. Michael Huggins

Dr. Tanay Kesharwani

Dr. Karen Molek

Dr. Christopher Nicholson

Dr. Tim Royappa

Dr. Martha Sarasua

Dr. Pamela Tanner

Dr. Leo Ter Haar

Dr. Pam Vaughan

Dr. Jerome Gurst- Organic (Retired)

Dr. Stephen Tanner - Inorganic (Retired)