Minor in Aging Studies

The Minor in Aging Studies provides a broad orientation to the field of Gerontology and services to the elderly. This minor is available to all students.

The reciepient of this minor will complete 12 credit hours with at least 1 course coming from SOW. Consult your advisor, Social Work, or Director of COA for more details. You must submit a minor declaration form prior to admission to the minor program. Contact the Department of Social Work or the Center on Aging for information on required courses and electives. A grade of “C” or higher is required in all courses for this minor.

Available Courses:

BUL 4602 Legal Fundamentals of Healthcare
DEP 2004 Human Development Across the Lifespan
DEP 4404 Adulthood and Aging
FINÂ 3140 Personal Financial Planning
GEY 4001 Gerontology
HSA 4110 Healthcare Policy/Administration
HAS 4431 Business Decisions in Healthcare
HSC 4120 Consumer Health Education
HSC 4581 Health Promotion and Planning
HSC 4658 End of Life Ethics
NUR 4177 Holistic Healthcare
PEP 4113 Aging and Physical Performance
PET 4076 Balance and Mobility Training for Older Adults
PHC 4140 Public Health and Planning Analysis 
PLA 4607 Wills, Estates, and Trusts
PSB 4990 Psychobiology of Aging
SOW 4674 Social Issues and Intervention Strategies in Social Work Practice w/Older Adults
SOW 4740 Dimensions of Death and Dying 

***A practicum or other elective may be approved by department Chairperson.