Senior Moments Radio Spots

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Florida Ranks 2nd in number of adults over 65 
    Tips and resources for those 50+ in the job market and more at Project Compass Florida

Seniors with Disabilities 
    For more information visit Florida's Aging and Disability Resource Centers

Think you know about Alzheimer's Disease? 
    Video: How Do You Know If You Have Alzheimer Disease? What are the early symptoms? When to get a professional evaluation?

Think you are ready for retirement? 
    If you feel you're ready to retire then why not try taking a practice run first

Think you know what vitamins you need? 
    See why vitamins and supplements are linked to a higher risk of death

Can older adults depend on State and Federal resources alone? 
    National Care Planning Council - Services at the federal, state, local, and community levels

Think you are ready to drive? 
    Find out more information on driving and older adults

Think you are ready for a disaster? 
    More information from BRACE's Disaster Response - Homebound

Think you are ready for Long Distance Caregiving? 
    Getting started as a long-distance care-giver

Think you are ready for Aging in Place? 
    The Senior Citizen's Guide to Aging in Place

Are you a grandparent raising your grandchildren? 
    More information from the AARP's Grandfamilies Guide

Are you adapting as the population grows older? 
    Healthy Aging Tips - How to live life to the fullest

Aging Veterans and PTSD Symptoms 
    US Department of Veterans Affairs: Aging Veterans and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms

Centenarians' positive attitude linked to long life 
    Find out what is it that allows some people to age well, even past 100 years of age, and do so with vitality and happiness?  Also see the ABC News story on Centenarians' Positive Attitude Linked to Long Life

Physical activity improves memory 
    Visit the National Institute on Aging's Go4Life Program

Seniors can make easy targets for consumer crime 
    Take a look at these frauds that target the elderly

Older adults may be subject to locksmith scams 
    AARP reports that locksmith scams are on the rise

Tips for safely navigating social media 
    Ger more information from

When memory loss can be worrisome 
    Warning signs and more at

Genetics and other risk factors for Alzheimer's Disease 
    The National Institute on Aging's Alzheimer's Disease Genetics Fact Sheet

How to stop unwanted phone calls for charity 
    Tips for Older Donors from