Medical Professionals

Pre-professional Biology

The Department of Biology is dedicated to providing every opportunity for our pre-professional students to realize their goal for admission to professional school in the medical sciences. 

  1. We have fostered creation of five student organizations focusing on specific areas within the health professions (pre-vet, pre-med [AED and AMSA], pre-dent and pre-pharm. 
  2.  We have signed an agreement with the Alabama Medical Education Coalition which represents 10 schools of Osteopathy to set aside ten slots in Doctor of Osteopathy school for qualified UWF students.
  3.  We have forged an agreement with the American University of Antigua College of Medicine to broaden the options for students interested in attending medical  school . 
  4. We have created a Clinical Experience in Healthcare course through which our students can earn credit in clinical settings for which the department has arranged to provide students with the shadowing experience required for application to health professional schools . 
  5. Our faculty are committed to providing opportunities for students to engage in scientific research – many of whom present papers at professional meetings and are included in authorship on scientific publications.     
  6. We have created the Post-baccalaureate Pre-Professional Preparation Program (P4 Program) which provides all of the above opportunities and more to assist students  earning a baccalaureate outside of the sciences to complete the coursework , shadowing , research and networking activities required for application to health professional school.
  7. We have created a mentoring partnership between you and the FSU College of Medicine (FSUCOM) medical students.  This program has been named the Argo-Noles Medical Mentors Program and has emerged from discussions with the medical students at FSUCOM-Pensacola in which they suggested creating a mentoring program for UWF's pre-professional students.

Available data show that students majoring in the biological sciences make up close to half of all students admitted to medical schools:

Academic Major% of total admissions to U.S. Medical Schools
Math/Stats 1%
Specialized Health Sciences 3%
Social Sciences 12.4%
Humanities 6%
Biology 49.5%
Physical Sciences 12.8%
Other 16.4%

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