B.S. - Interdisciplinary Sciences

Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Sciences

A student with a dolphin

Specializations: Pre-Pharmacy and Zoo Science

The Interdisciplinary Science program is designed for those students who want a broadly based education in the natural sciences rather than an in-depth study of one field. The program covers zoo science and pre-pharmacy, and is flexible to meet individual interests.

The Zoo Science Specialization is designed for and limited to students who have completed an Associate of Science Degree in Zoo Animal Technology.  It provides further study of the field with an emphasis on the biological sciences. The specialization has been developed to prepare students for a wide variety of careers in the animal industry in such fields as zookeeper, curator, zoo director or operating one’s own animal industry business. It is not designed as a pre-veterinary medicine program and does not include all of the courses normally required for admission to a college of veterinary medicine. See the catalog information under Sciences, Interdisciplinary for further details about the program.  The A.S. Degree in Zoo Animal Technology is also not offered at UWF. For information about Zoo Animal Technology programs see the American Association of Zoo Keepers.

The Pre-Pharmacy Specialization is intended to prepare students for Pharmacy School and provides all required courses for admission to the University of Florida’s Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Program. This specialization provides a strong background in Biology and Chemistry. See the catalog information under Interdisciplinary Sciences for further details about the program.

Since some professional schools prefer their applicants to demonstrate excellence in a specific discipline, the interdisciplinary science major considering dentistry, medicine, optometry or veterinary medicine should consult a preprofessional advisor.