M.S., M.S.T. - Biology

Master's degree in Biology

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Master of Science degree in Biology, Thesis Track

This is a traditional thesis program requiring 33 semester hours of course work. One will have the opportunity to structure his or her course work and thesis topic according to his or her other particular research interests in biology (to include Microbiology, Marine Biology, Biotechnology, or Molecular/Immunobiology). Whether one wants to go on to doctoral work, employment, or teaching in the field, a master's in this program is ideal. Some representative careers include: bioremediation, marine biology, medical research, microbiology, education, pharmaceutics, and public health.


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Master of Science degree in Biology, Non-Thesis Track

Two Specializations:

  • Coastal Zone Studies
  • Environmental Biology

Coastal Zone Studies

The Coastal Zone Studies (CZS) program in biology is a non-thesis tract degree program that incorporates course work in biology, environmental studies and geology. The program is designed to provide interdisciplinary knowledge and skills necessary for understanding 
and managing the coastal environment founded on a solid grasp of the biological principles of the system. Course work includes directed studies at the 5000 and 6000 level to allow for "hands-on" experience working in biology. The degree is particularly relevant to individuals seeking employment in federal, state, or private consulting agencies concerned with overseeing coastal environments.

Environmental Biology

This specialization is one in which in which students are provided a solid background in the biological sciences and methods to identify and solve problems, management practices, and techniques in scientific research and/or policy-making as they pertain to the environment.

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