Grad Student Directory

Matthew Newton

B.A., University of Central Florida

Matt is pursuing a graduate degree in anthropology with a focus on prehistoric, pre-Columbian, terrestrial southeastern archaeology. He received a bachelor's degree in anthropology from the University of Central Florida in 2010 where he participated in research projects including a ground penetrating radar experiment that monitored clandestine burial scenarios using pig cadavers as proxies. Matt was also involved in a project at UCF that used geographic information science to document the existence of pre-Columbian raised agricultural fields in the Bolivian Amazon. Although focused primarily on archaeology, he considers anthropology to be a multi-disciplinary science and seeks to incorporate many other fields into his research, including environmental science, the humanities, and sociology. He has a profound interest in pre-contact Native American cultures and the migratory patterns of prehistoric hunter-gatherers as a whole, and is currently developing a thesis that can merge all of his many interests within the field. He also enjoys surfing and eating in his free time! 

Degree and focus: Anthropology.