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Andrew Derlikowski

Andrew Derlikowski received his B.A. in Anthropology from the University of West Florida in 2012, and he is currently pursuing his M.A. in Historical Archaeology with a Maritime focus. Some of his research interests are: ship construction, maritime history, maritime cultural landscape, military history, and 19th-century steamships, to name a few. Andrew's thesis focuses on the steamboat City of Tampa, which was a locally important vessel that connected Milton, Bagdad, and Pensacola, Florida, for more than a quarter-century via the Blackwater River. To date, Andrew has participated in three field schools at UWF: as a student in 2011, as a supervisor in 2012, and as the site director on the City of Tampa's 2013 investigation, which is ongoing. Although focused on maritime, he is also a proficient terrestrial archaeologist as well. 

Degree and focus: Historical Archaeology, Maritime.