M.A. in Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology offers a Master of Arts degree under the close direction of 13 Anthropology and Archaeology faculty with specializations in Archaeology (terrestrial and maritime), Cultural Anthropology, and Biological Anthropology.


The Basics

The degree of choice for professionals in anthropology and historical archaeology, an M.A. is required for professional positions in government and private firms. The primary objectives of our Masters program are to prepare graduates to begin successful working careers and to enter doctoral programs.

We have 80+ active graduate students, and we are growing! Student-centered research is our specialty, and we have continuous opportunities for students' professional development in the Anthropology Department and Archaeology Institute. 90% of our Masters graduates are employed in their field or are accepted into doctorate programs.

You can find UWF Anthropology's Academic Learning Plan here.


There are two specializations in the Anthropology Master of Arts program:

  • Anthropology. The graduate specialization in Anthropology focuses on providing students with more general graduate-level coursework in all three anthropological subfields offered at UWF, including a minimum of two courses each in biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, and archaeology. In addition, research design and a proseminar are required, along with three unspecified electives and a 3-hour minimum of enrolled thesis research. This track is appropriate for students who plan to pursue careers or further graduate studies in archaeology, biological anthropology, or cultural anthropology, including archaeology students who seek more general anthropological coursework than is available in the Historical Archaeology specialization.
  •  Historical Archaeology. The graduate specialization in Historical Archaeology focuses on providing students with more specialized graduate-level coursework in both archaeology and history (a minimum of three courses each), including a required graduate-level archaeological field school. In addition, courses in cultural resource management and historical research methods in archaeology are required, along with three unspecified electives and a 3-hour minimum of enrolled thesis research. This track is appropriate for students who plan to pursue careers or further graduate studies specifically in historical archaeology or CRM archaeology.


To be considered for financial support, all application material must be received on or before February 15th. Applications received after February 15th may be considered if Fall enrollment space permits.

Requirements for Admission

Admission to graduate study involves acceptance by the University as well as the department or college in which the applicant expects to study. Final admission to the University is subject to approval by the department or college.

Required documents, deadlines and admission policies for graduate programs at UWF may be found on this general graduate admissions page. In addition to the University graduate admission requirements described in the Admissions section of the Graduate Catalog, the department bases decisions for regular admission on a holistic review of credentials in which the following criteria are used to assess the potential success of each applicant:

  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score
  • Undergraduate cumulative GPA (3.0 minimum per University graduate admissions requirements)
  • Undergraduate degree major
  • Formal letter of intent describing background, study interests, and professional goals
  • Writing sample (term paper, conference paper, published paper, etc.)
  • Three letters of academic reference
  • ** Optional: Students who would like to be considered for the 3-year full-ride assistantship in Public Archaeology must also submit a statement of interest, filling out the FPAN Assistantship Application.  Award of this assistantship may occur as early as February.

** This document should be submitted in electronic format (e.g., PDF, .doc) directly to the chair of the department, Dr. John Bratten, at jbratten@uwf.edu. All other documents should be uploaded through UWF's online application system.

Degree Requirements

For current degree requirements, please see the UWF Catalog.


The M.A. program capstone in anthropology is a thesis paper. Graduate students must prepare a formal Thesis Proposal for their committee's approval. When successfully completed, the graduate student will be allowed to begin his or her thesis. Theses must be approved by the Thesis Committee and successfully defended by the candidate in an open defense. For more information on the thesis, including forms and funding opportunities, click here. Examples of past theses are available here.

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