Faculty and Staff

Mike Huggins Portrait
Mike Huggins

Dr. Mike Huggins

Michael Huggins, Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Mike has received several awards and fellowships over the course of his career, including the 2013 University Faculty Distinguished Service Award and the 2004 College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Teaching Award. He has been awarded grants and contracts totaling more than $1 million and has been published in multiple books and professional journals. While at UWF, Dr. Huggins has led a large research group with more than 75 undergraduate students having worked in his lab. Many of these students have been co-authors on peer-reviewed publications and have presented their work at national and international chemistry conferences. As a member of the faculty, Dr. Huggins has taught courses in organic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, organic synthesis, structure elucidation and spectroscopy. His scholarship and research has centered on the synthesis of organic molecules for uses in molecular recognition, supramolecular chemistry and drug discovery. In addition, Dr. Huggins has worked on industrial contracts with numerous chemical companies in the Pensacola area and beyond. mhuggins@uwf.edu

Greg Lanier, Associate Dean and Director of the Honors and Interdisciplinary Programs.
Gregory Lanier

Dr. Gregory Lanier

Greg Lanier, Associate Dean and Director of the Honors and Interdisciplinary Programs. A Shakespeare scholar whose disciplinary home is in the English Department, Greg offers an introductory course in the Honors Program that its students affectionately refer to as “Boot Camp." Greg was elected President of the Southern Regional Honors Council and recently served as host for the annual conference held in Orlando. A recipient of multiple teaching awards, Greg has taken on the challenge of overseeing and improving the quality of CAS interdisciplinary offerings. glanier@uwf.edu

Tom Westcott, Dean of General Studies
Thomas Westcott

Dr. Thomas Westcott

Tom Westcott, Dean of General Studies. Tom provides oversight related to assessment for Academic Foundations experiences, which represents academic and co-curricular experience in the first two years. Tom teaches the Academic Foundation Seminar and Introductory Psychology. He serves on a variety of college and university committees and is primarily responsible for overseeing the resolution of academic integrity matters. twestcot@uwf.edu

Dr. Eman El-Sheikh, Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Computer Science
Eman El-Sheikh

Dr. Eman El-Sheikh

Dr. Eman El-Sheikh, Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Computer Science. Eman joined the CAS Dean’s Office as an Administrative Fellow in 2008. Her responsibilities include curriculum issues, assessment activities, graduate programs, and STEM initiatives. She helped launch and coordinates Teaching Partners, a program to promote the development and exchange of best teaching practices among faculty, and also coordinates the Scholars of Engineering, Applied Sciences & Technology Annual Research Symposium (SEASTARS). Eman teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate Computer Science courses, including several Artificial Intelligence and programming courses, and has developed several online programming courses. Her research interests include the development and application of Artificial Intelligence-based techniques and tools for education, including intelligent tutoring systems and adaptive learning tools, and research on Computer Science education. eelsheikh@uwf.edu

Don Thompson, Director of Technology
Don Thompson

Don Thompson

Don Thompson, Director of Technology, provides expertise to assist the college in all matters technology, including oversight of the CAS website, tech support for faculty and students, and consultation regarding technological purchases. Don oversees the college Help Desk, provides server administration and integration support, and provides leadership to all of the college's Local Support Providers (LSPs). He also serves on the campus ITPAC committee. Don received an Academic Affairs Award of Excellence for 2010-2011. dont@uwf.edu

Paula Wilson, Administrative Specialist
Paula Wilson

Paula Wilson

Paula Wilson, Administrative Specialist, returned to the CAS Dean’s Office in November 2009 after a five year absence as an administrative assistant to the Vice Provost at UWF Emerald Coast Campuses.  Paula oversees staff support in the CAS Dean’s Office and monitors and supports staff operations in all CAS departments.  She assists the Dean with administrative functions that allow the college to operate efficiently and effectively.  Paula was awarded a Certificate in Supervision and a Certificate in Management from UWF and is a member of the Sick Leave Pool Committee and past member of the UWF Staff Senate. Paula was awarded the UWF Nautilus Excellence Award for Academic Affairs in 2013. pwilson1@uwf.edu

Belinda Day, CAS Business Manager
Belinda Day

Belinda Day

Belinda Day has served as the CAS Business Manager since 2000 and has over twenty years of experience with UWF. Belinda has oversight responsibilities for all financial resources of the College, including the interpretation and implementation of university and divisional fiscal policies. She works with the Dean to coordinate available resources to achieve College goals and objectives. In addition, Belinda provides assistance and guidance to CAS Chairs and staff in managing budget issues within their respective departments. Belinda received the Academic Affairs Award of Excellence for 2007-2008. bday1@uwf.edu

Lynnsey Horton, Office Administrator and Assistant to the Dean of General Education in the CAS Dean's Office
Lynnsey Horton

Lynnsey Horton

Lynnsey Horton serves as the Office Administrator and Assistant to the Dean of General Education in the CAS Dean's Office. Lynnsey joined the CAS Dean's Office in September of 2012. She assists the Dean of General Education with day to day administrative support. Lynnsey provides support and assistance with fee waivers, FACS, and provides clerical support for the General Studies Committee in various ways. She will be involved with the Undergraduate and Graduate Honor's Convocations as well as helping with the Science Fair. She is set on working with the UWF community towards continuous improvement on the experience that current and future students of this Institution will undergo. lhorton@uwf.edu