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Memo from the Vice-Provost

The FACS Database holds faculty qualification information, syllabi and vitae.

Please see the FACS System Tutorial if you need assistance.

  • What to use: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla Firefox or Chrome for PC,  Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Chrome for Mac.
  • Where to go: http://uwf.edu/acad/
  • How to login: Your Argonet username and password.

*For questions contact your departmental office administrator.

Travel Funding Application Information:

2013-2014 RAC Travel Funding Memo
2013-2014 RAC Travel Funding Application

NEW CAS Adjunct Appointment Form
Adjunct Appointment Form

Outside Activity:

Outside Activity Form

This form must be completed annuallyby all faculty and signed by Chair and Dean's office.

Please Note: Notice of Grade Change forms can be routed directly to Registrar's Office/Bldg. 18 (No need to send through Dean's Office)

Forms to be signed in the CAS Dean's Office

Signatures Required:
Chair/Dean/Associate Dean
Signatures Required:
  • Catalog Year Change Memo
  • Completion of Certificate Program
  • Petition of Early Certification of Degree Award
  • Request for VA Approval for Certificate
  • SASS Audit Bannered for Graduation
  • Survey Request Form: Log in to MYUWF, Services, "RouteIt" and complete the online form
  • New Faculty and A&P Employee Info Sheet
  • Key Request: Log in to Argus, Services, "RouteIt" and complete the form online.
  • Request for Course Offering Outside Academic Year
Signatures Required:
Chair/Dean/Associate Dean/Dean of Graduate Studies
Signatures Required:
  • Annotation of Courses (Memo)
  • Course Acceptance for Degree Plan (Memo)
  • Waiver of GRE Scores (Memo w/attached transcript with posted degree)
  • Appeal for Waiver of Graduation Requirement
  • Application for Graduation (also in memo form) to Graduation Officer in Registrar's Office
  • Late Addition to Yes/No List Memo in addition to Application for Graduation Form
  • Use of Undergraduate Courses in Master's Programs
Signatures Required:
Student/Advisor/Dean/Associate Dean
Signatures Required:
Student/Advisor/Chair/Dean/Associate Dean
  • Petition for Inclusion in a Degree Program of Courses Completed while a Non-Degree Student
Signatures Required:
Instructor/Chair/Dean/Associate Dean
Signatures Required:
Advisor/Dean/Associate Dean
  • Completion of Credit by Examination
  • Request for Extended Incomplete Grade - MUST BE ACCOMPANIED by Report on Assignment of Incomplete Grade
  • Grade Forgiveness Form (Only for Course Exception)
Signatures Required:
Supervisor/CAS Business Manager
Signatures Required:
Traveler/Supervisor/CAS Business Manager
Signatures Required:
Foundation Account Manager/CAS Business Manager