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Age Discrimination

EEOC --- Fact Sheet -- Age Discrimination
EEOC --- Enforcement Guideance on O'Conner v. Consolidated Coin Caterers
EEOC --- Employee Severance Agreements
EEOC --- Compliance Manual on Compensation Discrimination
EEOC --- Compliance Manual on Employee Benefits

EEOC --- "Foreign Laws" Defense of the ADEA


Americans With Disabilities Act

EEOC --- Questions & Answers about the ADA
EEOC --- ADA Fact Sheet
EEOC --- Q&A: Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in the Workplace and the ADA
EEOC --- Disability-related inquiries and medical examinations under the ADA
EEOC --- Employer Responsibilities Under the ADA
EEOC --- Small Employers And Reasonable Accommodation
EEOC --- Application of the ADA to Contingent Workers
EEOC --- Notice: Specific Changes Within the ADAAA

EEOC --- Applications for Benefits in Determining if a Person is Qualified Under the ADA

EEOC --- Workers Compensation and the ADA


Sexual Harassment

EEOC --- Sexual Harassment Guidelines
EEOC --- Enforcement Guidance on Harris v. Forklift Sys., Inc.
EEOC --- Vicarious Employer Liability for Unlawful Harassment by Supervisors
EEOC --- Fact Sheet--Sexual Harassment
EEOC --- Small Employers Liability for Harassement by Supervisors

EEOC --- Policy Guidance on Sexual Harassement

EEOC --- Employer Liability and Sexual Favoritism


Civil Rights Act (CRA), Discrimination Issues

EEOC --- Arrest Records and the Civil Rights Act

EEOC --- Conviction Records and the Civil RIghts Act

EEOC --- Veterans Preference and Title VII

EEOC --- National Security Exemption and the Civil Rights Act

EEOC --- Indian Preference Under Title VII

EEOC --- Compensatory abd Punative Damages and the CRA of 1991

EEOC --- Developments in Disparate Treatment Theory

Uniform Guidelines

Uniform Guidelines



SIOP Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures

EEOC --- Employment Tests & Selction Procedures


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