The Brand

The UWF brand is more than a logo or a tagline. Our brand is a reflection of everything we do and say, in person, online, in print and in broadcast. The brand functions as a lens through which every marketing message, community activity and personal interaction is filtered. The brand embodies UWF’s energy, spirit and character.

Why Consistent Branding Matters

Effective brand communications inspire awareness and leave a lasting impression.

Each member of the UWF community is responsible for creating the brand. Every time we contact potential donors, interact with prospective students and their parents, speak with alumni, communicate with the media, develop new collateral materials, approach community partners, or talk about UWF, we influence the perception of the institution and our community.

As brand ambassadors, we must present a unified front in the form of a cohesive and consistent brand message. While we each contribute a voice, we all need to sing in the same chorus. This portal is designed to help you do exactly that.

Brand Platform

The brand platform establishes a foundation for the institution’s identity, messaging and visual presentation and serves as a framework for all internal and external communications.

Through the brand platform, the University of West Florida strives to:

  • Build its status, both in Florida and beyond
  • Become a first-choice university
  • Leverage the 50th anniversary celebration to reconnect with alumni and kick off football
  • Establish a brand that is transformational for both UWF and Northwest Florida

Bottom line: Generate excitement about UWF

Graphic demonstrating the transformation energy cycle revolving around the Sea Change brand initiative

Brand Elements

Brand elements are the touchstones for our work, not the public language that is used. As you consider your work – whether it’s a story, video, print piece, social media post or speech – keep them in mind. If what you're working on doesn’t reflect or connect to the brand elements in some way, reconsider or re-evaluate. 

  • Brand essence: The transformational energy cycle
  • Brand promise: To make waves around the world
  • Brand values: Innovation, collaboration, optimism, persistence
  • Brand persona: Confident, creative, innovative, entrepreneurial
  • Brand strategy: To make UWF synonymous with “the forward-thinking, innovative side of Florida”

Brand Statement

At the University of West Florida, we see change and rush forward.
Because we see change as inspirational: A source of ideas and insights, startups and breakthroughs, innovation and collaboration.
We see change coming, faster than ever, and we’re ready for it.
Because we’re leading it.

Sea Change
University of West Florida