Social Media Platforms

There are a variety of platforms to choose from, but the below represent the primary platforms UWF utilizes.


This microblog thrives on concise and clever content that drives users to visit websites, engage in conversation or simply follow along with a brand’s initiatives. It is less populated than Facebook, but the public accounts on Twitter allow people to view posts without being an active user. Hashtags were popularized by Twitter and are a great tool for this outlet. Twitter is a high-volume site, so administrators should post often.


A giant in the social media realm, Facebook offers administrators more variety than other social outlets. Although there is no word limit, moderators should keep posts concise to keep the attention of users. Facebook’s audiences include parents, grandparents, students, alumni, friends and fans of the University. Use hashtags to help build brand awareness. Administrators should aim for at least three posts a week.


Operating primarily as a visual platform, Instagram is all about creativity. Younger users gravitate to Instagram to share photos and follow along with their favorite brands and celebrities. Locations and hashtags are a great way to find potential followers on Instagram, but use appropriate hashtags minimally in your posts. Links do not work on Instagram, so focus on high quality content and photography that will encourage users to learn more on their own. Instagram is a high-volume site—post daily.


This platform is a great way to showcase your page as a thought leader and engage with professional audiences. Use LinkedIn to post articles and share stories that appeal to potential graduate students and partners.