UWF Photo/Video Release Best Practices

The following best practices serve to assist photographers, videographers and the campus community when taking photos or shooting footage on behalf of the University of West Florida.

  1. When Photo/Video Releases Are Required:

    1. When a person’s likeness is used in University marketing or promotional materials that either:
      1. Use the person’s name, or
      2. Portray the person as endorsing the University of West Florida.

    2. When the person is featured in a medical setting:

    3. When the person is featured where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy – areas considered private include dressing rooms, restrooms, homes, and residence hall rooms:

    4. When the person is a minor, documented consent from a parent or guardian is required. (See Section III for more details on minors.)

  2. When Photo/Video Release Forms Are Not Required:

    1. When the purpose is informational or editorial, but not commercial – anything that informs, educates, or expresses opinions:

    2. When the footage is of public spaces; public events; group shots – Footage taken in public spaces that does not use any names of individuals. Examples of public spaces on campus include exterior walkways, entryways, atria, sports fields and classrooms:

  3. Minors:

    1. In general, parental or guardian consent must be obtained for photographing minors.
    2. Group shots taken in a public setting that include minors may be published if the minors are not personally/individually identifiable. (Minors names are not required to make an image personally/individually identifiable:)

  4. When Obtaining ConsentUse UWF Release Form:

    1. UWF prefers that electronic signatures for the Photo/Video Release Form be collected from the appropriate people when at all possible. If obtaining an electronic signature is not feasible, a hard copy version of a UWF Photo/Video Release Form is acceptable and should be kept on file. The official Photo/Video Release Form may be reviewed online.
    2. It is strongly recommended that the official UWF Photo/Video release form be utilized. However, departments may develop an approved release by incorporating the official release wording into existing forms. The wording utilized in these forms must be identical to the official release and reviewed on an annual basis.
    3. At a minimum, whenever reasonably possible, UWF photographers/videographers (or freelancers contracted by the University) shall identify themselves verbally or by wearing UWF identification including a nametag or press badge. If possible, signage should be posted at events to make attendees aware of photography and video activity. Example: Photography will be taken at this event and may be used for marketing and promotional materials.
    4. The University will honor requests to not take or use photos/video to the extent practicable.

  5. Best Practices:

    1. When capturing candid, public images of individuals or small groups, politely inform the subject/s that the resulting photographs/videos/audio recordings could potentially be used in promotional publications, news coverage or on the institutional website. If an individual does not consent, honor those wishes.
    2. Email subjects the electronic release form at least 48 hours in advance of a photo or video shoot.
    3. For classroom photography/video shoots, instructors are encouraged to advise students via email of the shoot date, the nature of the photographer’s/videographer’s visit and include a link to the electronic release form. Those who do not consent to having his or her photograph/video taken should either self-identify upon the photographer’s/videographer’s arrival or inform the instructor privately prior to the shoot date.
    4. For photography or video of minors at workshops or special events, UWF faculty/staff are encouraged to incorporate the photo/video release form into the registration process. This can be done by either embedding the electronic release form within the electronic registration form or including a hard copy of the photo/video release form in the registration packet.

  • Who do I contact for additional information regarding UWF’s photo/video release best practices?
  • For additional information, contact Institutional Communications at brand@uwf.edu.