The Evolving Nautilus Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the University reintroducing the Nautilus Shell?

Since the University of West Florida’s founding, the Nautilus Shell has been the institution’s official emblem. We are reintroducing the nautilus as a reminder to keep striving and pushing for greatness. Its meaning has evolved into an icon that represents the history and soul of our rich and storied past and a future brimming with possibility and potential. It stands as a symbol of evolution and the power each of us has to impact the community and the world.

Who was involved in this initiative?

This initiative was undertaken by University leadership. A steering committee comprised of communicators and administration representing various areas of the institution participated in the process, and idgroup, a local branding firm, worked with Institutional Communications on the creative development of the graphic identity. The process included research, focus groups, information sessions and one-on-one meetings. After many months of collaboration, the evolving nautilus emerged as the new logo that will launch the University into the future.

What should we do with existing materials that have the old logo on them?

The process of rolling out the new logo will take several months, so we are directing the University to continue good stewardship of resources by using existing materials before ordering materials with the new logo. Use of existing materials should be phased out by Dec. 31, 2018.

When will new institutional stationery be available?

At this time, Institutional Communications is working through the process of updating the online ordering system to incorporate revised stationery designs featuring the University’s new logo. It is expected to be finalized in March 2018. An announcement will be sent to faculty and staff when the new stationery is available.

Should I wait to order new stationery until the version with the new logo is available?

Yes, it is preferred that you wait until the new stationery is available. If you must order new stationery at this time, we recommend ordering small quantities.

Where can I find a logo for my department?

Logo signatures are created for divisions, colleges, schools, departments, institutes, centers and select campus units and are available at the Brand Portal. The University’s official logo signature system supports the institutional identity while allowing individual unit recognition.

How do I request a logo signature for my department?

Please contact your Communication Liaison to request the creation of an official logo signature for your area. Please include the full official name of your area in your request.

How can I use the new logo in my email signature?

At this time, Institutional Communications is developing an email signature generator that will allow the option of including the institutional logo and will communicate with the campus community when it is available.

Can I use my Logo Signature on my website?

All pages on use the institutional logo in the header and footer. Logo signatures should not appear anywhere on your pages. Instead, use the title on home pages to identify your department.