Institutional Colors

Consistent color use is one of the key components of a solid brand. The UWF color palette has four layers: the primary palette, secondary palette, reserved palette and Argonaut Athletics palette.

Although UWF is identified by its palette of blues and greens, the use of white is vital to conveying the brand. White is often the most prominent color in our color palette. It grounds the other colors and helps them shine with the greatest intensity. When creating your marketing materials, it is preferred that you begin with white, adding additional primary and secondary colors thoughtfully.

When working with our institutional colors, always use the color values as follows to ensure consistency. Official UWF color palette swatch books can be downloaded below.

Primary Institutional Color Palette

There are three colors in UWF’s primary palette: UWF Blue (Pantone™ 2945), UWF Green (Pantone™ 356) and White. White and blue should be the dominant colors and green should be the secondary or accent color, if possible, in all collateral.

  • Color swatch for the UWF blue institutional color. Hex 004C97

    UWF Blue

    PANTONE: 2945C
    C: 100 M: 53 Y: 2 K: 16
    R: 0 G: 76 B: 151
    HEX: 004C97

  • Color swatch for the institutional UWF Green color HEX 007A33

    UWF Green

    PANTONE: 356C
    C: 91 M: 4 Y: 100 K: 25
    R: 0 G: 122 B: 51
    HEX: 007A33

Secondary Institutional Color Palette

There are five colors in UWF’s secondary palette. They complement our primary colors and infuse marketing materials with energy and brightness. Whether selecting a single secondary color or several, white and blue should be prominent on all collateral.

  • Color swatch for the Nautilus Blue institutional color HEX: 009CDE

    Nautilus Blue

    PANTONE: 2925C
    C: 85 M: 21 Y: 0 K: 0
    R: 0 G: 156 B: 222
    HEX: 009CDE

  • Color swatch for the Luna Blue institutional color. Hex: 8DC8E8

    Luna Blue

    PANTONE: 2905C
    C: 45 M: 1 Y: 0 K: 1
    R: 141 G: 200 B: 232
    HEX: 8DC8E8

  • Color swatch for the Cannon Green institutional color. Hex: 43B02A

    Cannon Green

    PANTONE: 361C
    C: 77 M: 0 Y: 100 K: 0
    R: 67 G: 176 B: 42
    HEX: 43B02A

  • Color swatch for the Spring Green institutional color. Hex: 97D200

    Spring Green

    PANTONE: 375C
    C: 46 M: 0 Y: 90 K: 0
    R: 151 G: 210 B: 0
    HEX: 97C800

  • Color swatch for Armadillo Grey Institutional color. Hex: 808285

    Armadillo Grey

    60% Black

    Primarily used for Body Copy

Reserved Color Palette

There are three colors in UWF’s reserved color palette, for UMC use only. These additional colors provide the UMC team further variation when creating projects for members of the cabinet and the Board of Trustees, including donor relations materials or officially sanctioned formal and ceremonial materials.

  • Gold

    President's Gold

    PANTONE: 871
    Reserved Use

  • Pine


    PANTONE: 357C
    Reserved Use

  • Midnight


    PANTONE: 2955C
    Reserved Use

Argonaut Athletics Color Palette

There are four colors in UWF’s athletic palette. These colors were created to complement the primary palette while creating an athletic tone. They should only be used for athletics marketing materials and should never replace the primary or secondary palette when representing the institution as a whole. Limited exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis.

  • Athletics-Argo-Blue

    Argo Blue

    PANTONE: 285C
    Reserved Use

  • Athletics-Argo-Navy

    Argo Navy

    PANTONE: 282C
    Reserved Use

  • Athletics-Argo-Green

    Argo Green

    PANTONE: 3405C
    Reserved Use

  • Athletics-Argo-Gray

    Argo Gray

    PANTONE: 421C
    Reserved Use

Color Palette Assets
Thumbnail image for the color palette download

The downloadable zip file below includes Pantone, CMYK and Web versions of the institutional palettes in both the primary and secondary colors. These palettes can be imported into Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign for easy reference.

All InDesign templates in the portal include the full UWF CMYK color palette.

Color Palette Zip