Categories of Sea Change

There are three categories of Sea Change stories:

People Stories

People Stories

Students. Alumni. Faculty. Who are the people doing amazing things, diving to new depths, and shaking things up for good? Think faculty doing research that changes the way we think. Or students putting together projects or initiatives that shift things for the better. Or alumni climbing mountains or saving lives. All of those individual, small stories add up to big Sea Change.

Program Stories

Program stories

Which UWF programs make an impact or change lives – on campus, at the beach or out in the community? We’re talking about mentoring programs that match UWF students with local elementary kids. A resource center that supports military veterans and their families. Championship-winning athletic programs. Students holding history in their hands with 3-D printed artifact replicas. Or a cybersecurity program with national designations from the NSA and Homeland Security.

Change Stories

Change stories

UWF is a major cultural and economic driver for Pensacola and Northwest Florida. So how do we show this in action? The Historic Trust and the vision for what comes next is one way. Bringing football to downtown Pensacola is another example. Or the discovery of the archaeological site of the first multi-year European colony in the U.S.. That’s not just big news for UWF; it changes the way history books are written.