Brand Messaging

Brand messaging aligns with the UWF brand position and reflects the brand’s essence. Staying true to the brand’s voice across all marketing materials ensures UWF builds recognition and trust.

Let's Talk About Sea Change

In simplest terms, Sea Change means a profound transformation. A striking change—for the better. We’re looking for the stories that define sea change and show sea change in action. In other words, how is UWF making waves?

Keep this in mind: Sea Change stories show innovation, collaboration, optimism, persistence, confidence, creativity and growth (individually, institutionally and/or regionally).

And all the stories show transformation. When in doubt, search out transformation.

When unsure if a story works or not, ask yourself one question: Is this story RIGHT for Sea change?

  • Radical: Does the story have a “wow!” factor that surprises and engages the reader?
  • Innovative and Impactful: Does the story tell of a creative breakthrough or revolution?
  • Growing: Does the story tell of positive upward change or growth?
  • Happy: Is the story optimistic and uplifting? Does it inspire the audience?
  • Transformative: Does the story represent transformation?