Usage Standards and Downloads

Standards for use of the 50th Anniversary mark are as follows:

  • The 50th Anniversary Logo is not meant to be used in lieu of the UWF Primary Logo on general marketing collateral.
  • Nautilus Blue, UWF Blue, black and white are the only permitted color variations. Nautilus Blue is the preferred choice whenever possible. See below for additional details.
  • Alterations to the 50th Anniversary mark are prohibited. This applies to typeface, proportions, color and placement of graphic elements. Please refer to improper usage for more details.
  • Marks must not be rendered smaller than one inch in width.
  • Marks are not to be used as a background for text or graphics and must be legible.
  • Marks are to be surrounded by a clear area as illustrated below. The minimum clear space is equal to half the height of the “50” (1/2x). No other graphics or words are to overprint, touch or appear in this clear area.
50th anniversary mark clearing area graphic


Marketing materials that utilize the 50th Anniversary mark may be designed in any color from the Primary and Secondary UWF color palette with an emphasis on blues and white, however, the 50th Anniversary mark must use the color standards as outlined below to ensure consistent translation across all mediums:

  • Marks can be rendered as Nautilus Blue, UWF Blue, black or white. The use of gold is limited to University Marketing and Communications. Limited exceptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. To submit a request for an exception, please email
  • The 50th Anniversary mark must always be colorized as 100%—never screened, ghosted, gradated, shadowed or tinted.
  • All backgrounds must provide sufficient contrast and legibility.
50th anniversary mark colors

When working with our institutional colors, always use the color values as outlined on