East Campus Restaurant Development Site

Argonaut Village

The UWF Campus Master Plan identifies the east campus enterprise zone as a strategic development location for the University. UWF BEI will complete the development, in keeping with the priorities outlined in the master plan. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the East Campus Restaurant Development Site?

The UWF Campus Master Plan identifies the east campus enterprise zone as a strategic development location for the University. UWF BEI has identified development opportunities for mixed-use restaurant and retail facilities in this area of campus, to be open to the UWF community as well as the general public.

Why is the University interested in this project?

Adding restaurants and retail facilities to this area of campus will offer a unique, vibrant atmosphere to UWF students, faculty and staff and attract prospective students and visitors of the Northwest Florida region to the UWF campus, increasing the University’s visibility.

What is included in this project?

The project includes the development of restaurants and retail facilities in collaboration with Chartwells, the University’s Dining Services provider. Under the business model, Chartwells will serve as the developer/contractor under contract to BEI for the development of the site and construction of the buildings, funded primarily from their capital investment. 

The funding and revenue terms associated with this phase of the development have been incorporated within an amended and restated University Dining Services Agreement. Upon completion of the site and buildings, ownership of the site improvement and structures will remain with BEI. BEI will sublease management and operations of the buildings to Chartwells, who will self-operate select businesses and sublease others to outside firms. The University may supplement the Chartwells capital investment by installing additional utility infrastructure capacity to accommodate future demand for Phase II development.

Have the restaurants been identified?

UWF BEI and Chartwells conducted four focus group meetings with students, faculty, staff and the public to obtain input on proposed design concepts and potential tenants for the restaurant and retail parcels. Utilizing the information gathered during the research phase, Chartwells is currently working with a variety of potential vendors. The East Campus Restaurant Development Site will feature a mix of retail price points that will be attractive to the University community as well as the general public.

What is the current timeline of the East Campus Restaurant Development Site?

On-site construction began in Spring 2014. Some of the first restaurants are expected to open in Summer 2015.

Will the East Campus Restaurant Development Site have an impact on the environment?

As a direct support organization of the University of West Florida, Business Enterprises, Inc. is committed to leadership in the area of environmental stewardship as new development occurs on campus. UWF BEI is working closely with environmental agencies to ensure all new development is built according to code, and that the environmental footprint is managed effectively.

Currently, seven UWF facilities have received the U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification status. LEED certified buildings rated as “Gold” include: the College of Business Education Center; President’s Hall; Heritage Hall and the Wellness Center. The Child Care Center; the Science and Engineering Building and Building 70 Applied Science and Technology Renovation received a “Silver” rating There are four (4) ratings, “Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum” in order of lower to higher designation.  LEED, a program that was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council, provides guidelines for green building design and construction solutions.

What parking will be available at the East Campus Restaurant Development?

There will be 85 parking spaces available east of the wetlands for customer parking and 58 parking spaces west of the wetlands for student employee and employee parking, totaling 143 parking spaces available for the East Campus Restaurant Development.