Follett Higher Education Group, Bookstores

Follett is a major bookstore provider that has been in business since 1873. It has grown to be the largest educational bookseller in North America with more than 700 college bookstore partnerships. The UWF Bookstore carries new and used textbooks, computers, school supplies, collegiate clothing, gifts and snacks. The store provides convenient services to UWF students such as "BookNow" online ordering program as well as a "Bookstore Deferment" program that allows students on financial aid to get their books faster. For additional information, visit the Follett website or the UWF Bookstore website

When did Follett Higher Education Group partner with UWF?

Follett Higher Education Group, the largest educational bookseller in North America, has been conducting business with the University of West Florida since 2001.

When did UWF and Follett Higher Education Group expand their partnership?

The growing relationship between UWF and Follett Higher Education Group was expanded upon via Amendment Number Two to the Bookstore Operating Contract, which was dated August 18, 2009. Amendment Number Two provides for a ten-year agreement effective October 15, 2012 through October 15, 2022.

How does UWF benefit from this venture?

The investment Follett made to UWF BEI will have considerable returns for students as well as help improve services and infrastructure. The revenue generated as part of the UWF BEI and Follett venture is estimated at producing $425,000 annually.

Specifically, how do UWF students benefit from the partnership with Follett Higher Education Group?

Follett provides integrated services with the University’s course scheduling and financial aid systems for ease of course material ordering and payment. Additionally, they provide all required and recommended course materials to students in new, used, rentable and/or electronic formats and also carry Argonaut memorabilia, gifts and snacks. Two $10,000 scholarships are awarded annually. One supports the University’s scholarship program and the other provides course materials to students through a book scholarship program.

What will Follett Higher Education Group contribute in terms of investment?

Follett provided $600,000 for other UWF BEI initiatives to benefit students and the University.

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