Aramark Food Services

Food matters because we love to eat.

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As an education institution, you want your students to have the best academic experience. As a business entity, you want to make smart choices that keep your institution operating efficiently and effectively for many years to come.

At Aramark, we take care of satisfying students’ appetites and campus expectations so that you can focus on attracting the next generation of learners. From facilities to food services, we know what students want and we use that knowledge to create the ultimate campus experience. Always putting students first is what makes us the preferred partner for outsourcing in higher education.

To contact Aramark, please call the Office Manager at 850.474.3233 or the GeneralManager at 850.857.6095. For additional information, please visit the Aramark UWF website


What is Aramark responsible for on campus?

As a component of this partnership, Aramark is responsible for operating and managing its services on campus with appropriate, quality merchandise at reasonable prices.

How does UWF benefit from this venture?

The partnership between UWF BEI and Aramark includes an agreement that surplus revenue from the Dining Services Assigned Function may be utilized by BEI in activities supporting operations. The agreement enables BEI to retain funds needed for future projects and programs consistent with BEI’s goals and the strategic priorities in support of the University’s mission as approved by the BEI Board of Directors.

Specifically, how do UWF students benefit from the partnership with Aramark?

Aramark’s experience in educational dining service makes it a valuable partner for UWF. It offers a range of innovative, nutritious dining options for the campus community, combining the value and resources of a global food services network with the on-site expertise of local managers.

What food services are available on campus through Aramark?

Aramark operates a variety of food services across campus. A full listing of all locations can be found online.

How much has Aramark contributed in terms of investments?

UWF BEI and Aramark have entered into a 10-year contract with the option for an additional 5 years. Aramark has agreed to pay UWF a minimum guaranteed annual commission, which is inclusive of applicable sales taxes. Aramark will invest over $10 million in capital investments during the first year of the contract. This includes $900,000, inclusive of all applicable taxes, for use in furthering UWF's general educational mission. In-kind catering contributions are also included in the contract.