BEI Partners

Currently, UWF BEI has partnerships with contracted businesses as well as UWF-run auxiliary businesses under its direct support umbrella. The organizations below have had a long-standing, successful relationship with the university in the past, which we expect will continue and expand into the future. As UWF BEI is able to convert "projects" into "business ventures," the partnerships and business will be added and featured on this page. UWF BEI is proud of its affiliation with these organizations.

Chartwells, Food Services

From big school districts to university campuses to small independent schools, Chartwells experience in educational dining service makes them a valuable partner for UWF.  View More Information

Follett Higher Education Group, Bookstores

Follett is a major bookstore provider that has been in business since 1873. It has grown to be the largest educational bookseller in North America with more than 700 college bookstore partnerships. View More Information

Scenic Hills Golf and Country Club

Scenic Hills Golf Club was recently acquired by UWF BEI and will be operated as a self-run business. The semi-private golf course has been serving the Pensacola community since 1958 with a focus on continuous enhancements. View More Information