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Small Groups

More Bible studies and small groups will be posted soon!! Sign ups are on the white board in the BCM center (building 950). Contact BCM at bcm@uwf.edu or call at 850-473-7474 for more info!

"The most manly small group ever"

When: Every Tuesday at 8 pm (video games and hang out starting at 7 pm)

Location: Fountains bldg. N 306

Host: Eddie Bird

Topic: The Gospel applied to our everyday lives

Who can come: Men


Fish school

When: Every Wednesday at 2:30 am

Location: Fountains bldg. N 107

Host: Kerry Lopez

Topic: Finding God's plan and will for my life

Who can come: Freshmen (girls and guys)

*Note: If you can't meet at this time but can another time, sign up and include the best time for you.


Co-ed Bible Study

When: Every Monday at 8 pm

Location: BCM center

Host: Andrew McKinley

Topic: How we can spiritually grow from the stories of people in the book of Genesis

Who can come: Anybody


Women's Bible study

When: Every Friday at 2 pm

Location: Heritage 3rd floor lounge

Host: Angie Washington, Sarah Hill, and Melody Cameron

Topic: Becoming a strong woman of God

Who can come: Women


Cult and Other Religions Study

When: Every Monday from 2:30-3:45 pm (Starts Monday, Sept. 22)

Location: BCM center

Host: Tony Olesky

Topic: Study of religions such as Islam, Mormonism, Jehovah Witness, Wiccan, and other New Age religions.
 We will look at what they believe, the similarities and differences with Christianity, and the most effective way of presenting the Gospel to them.

Who can come: Guys and girls

***If you are interested in leading or co-leading a small group this semester, let us know! We want to have sign ups starting this week!
Contact Tony (aolesky@uwf.edu) or Emily (eerland@uwf.edu) if you are interested -- or talk to us in person!

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