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Small Groups

More Bible studies and small groups will be posted soon!! Sign ups are on the white board in the BCM center (building 950). Contact BCM at bcm@uwf.edu or call at 850-473-7474 for more info!

Small groups 2015 - 2016


Kingdom Man
by Rick Songster and Quinton Englebright
at the BCM Center, Mondays at 6PM
beginning January 18th!
'We will be raising the standard and defining manhood as God intended it to be.
This book is a must read, it's life changing! I challenge all males that call themselves MEN to attend!'

Guys Bible Study
 by Carl Johnson (CJ) and Ben Heintze,
at CJ's house, Tuesdays at 8:00PM.
Contact CJ at: 850-890-5542 or Ben at 407-405-3303.
'Study the Bible by being led by the Holy Spirit and diving deep into the Word.'



 by Hope Waller
at her apartment (see Hope for details), Mondays at 7:30PM
'We will be reading, studying, and learning about God through the Book of Romans.'

Beautiful in God's Eyes cntd.
 by Rachel Jamison.
Fridays at 10AM at the BCM Center.
'Girls talking about becoming a Godly woman. Proverbs 31 Women.'

 by Kelsey Bennett and Randa Olesky
at the BCm Center, Wednesdays from 4-5:30 PM,
starting January 27th!
'The full story of the Biblical be overwhelming. In this study, Angie Smith shows us how
the whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, connect as one seamless story. This study is
 great for any woman wanting to gain more clarity and understanding of the scripture.'

Kingdom Woman
 by Dominique Acol and Rebecca Morris
at the BCM Center, Tuesdays at 6PM,
starting January 19th.
'We will be helping women unleash a new spiritual power and purpose, we will be teaching women
how they can be women of value under God's Kingdom.
We highly encourage ladies who love the Lord to attend!'

(New Addition!!) Women of Promise
 Beginning Friday, February 5th at 4pm in Heritage Hall at UWF on the 3rd floor lounge.
Contact Angie Washington (850-797-8732), Rhonda Anderson (954-696-5704),
or Victoria Vilches (863-409-7483) for more information!
'This prayer group is meant to encourage new and seasoned Christians alike to grow in their walk with God,
and learn how to be effective prayer warriors to impact the Kingdom of God.'



 How to Study the Bible
 by Tony Olesky
at the BCM Center, Mondays from 2:30-3:45PM.
'Most people who claim to be Christian just casually read the Bible, if they read it at all.
This study will equip you to go deeper into God's word, and learn how to STUDY, not just read.'

***If you are interested in leading or co-leading a small group this semester, let us know! We want to have sign ups starting this week!
Contact Tony (aolesky@uwf.edu) if you are interested..

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