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Lab Reports

All lab reports must be submitted in LaTeX. The ability to write in LaTeX is an important skill for scientists as many journals require journal articles to submitted in this format and do not accept Word.

Lab reports must be submitted in "Drop Box" on When you submit your report, you will turn in a zipped folder that contains all of your latex documents. Your instructor will then compile the *.tex file for grading.

Lab reports will be first peer-reviewed before being graded by the instructor using the Peer Review Form found here:pdf or excel. Your classmates will review your report based on this generic rubric and give you feeback. You have approximately 1 week to submit your finalized report with your reply to the reviewers. See elearning for specific dates and times.


TeXnicCenter and MikTeX can be found on the computers in the lab. TeXnicCenter is a visual interface and editor for producing LaTeX documents and MiKTeX is the engine that does the typesetting work. A link to download them can be found below.

An example of LaTeX can be seen here(sample-paper.pdf) and the LaTeX folder can be downloaded here ( A bare version can be downloaded here (

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