Society and norms – Utilities and Public Services: Power

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Afghanistan's power grid has been severely damaged by years of war, and less than 10 percent of its population currently has access to electricity with Kabul suffering power shortages. Three hydro-electric power dams provide base load power to Kabul: the Naghlu dam, the Mahi Par dam, and Sarobi dam. Due to a lack of water flow on the Kabul River, only the Naghlu Dam, which has a sizable reservoir capacity, is operational all-year. The dams are located about 50 miles from Kabul.

The Kajaki hydroelectric dam on the Helmand River is located in the southern part of Afghanistan near Kandahar. The Joint Forces recently repaired this dam in spite of its location in an area with Taliban activity. It is expecting that the dam will be able to provide 51 megawatts of power to the area as well as help control water resources for agriculture in the region.

Neighboring countries also supply electricity to some of Afghanistan's border regions. Turkmenistan supplies electricity to much of northwestern Afghanistan, including Mazar-i-Sharif and Herat. Iran supplies electricity to Afghanistan in some areas directly adjacent to the Afghan-Iranian border in Herat, Farah, and Nimroz provinces.


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