Society and norms – Housing: Nomadic

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Nomadic tribes still reside in tents in many areas. Nomads take their dwellings with them in the form of tents. The style and material will differ with tribes and region but are built with or without frames. The frameless tents are made from durable black goat hair. The styles of tents are the southern and western Pashtun tents, the northern and eastern Ghilzai tents, the barrel-vaulted Baluchi tents, and the arabic style tents of the Aimaq.

Western style frameless tent

The semi-nomads live in yurts, tents with a wooden framework. The pole frame is covered on the outside with reeds and woven colored cloth bands. Decorated felt is tied onto the poles on the inside of the yurt. These decorations will change depending on the tribe or ethnic group. The door may be wooden or a heavy rug-like material. There is a raised wooden disk at the top of the yurt which forms a chimney cap and allows smoke to exit but keeps the rain and snow out.[5]


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